As he emphasizes “No Means No,” Deion Sanders cautions the players to act responsibly.

As he emphasizes “No Means No,” Deion Sanders cautions the players to act responsibly.

Buffaloes are asked to maintain their focus during the week off by Coach Prime.

Bringing up problems before they arise has never been something Deion Sanders has been afraid to do.
In particular when it comes to his players, the Colorado Buffaloes coach likes to be proactive.
On Wednesday, he unveiled a list of requirements for the bye week, including some crucial messages.

The first was obvious and applied to the entire speech as a whole.
Sanders said via Well Off Media, “Don’t do anything that can cost you opportunities.

Even though it’s a universal law of life, sometimes we need a reminder. This one covered Coach Prime in greater detail, which was also logical.
“There are hidden costs associated with accepting anything from someone you don’t know. Nothing is free, as Sanders pointed out.

The next point was one that Coach Prime wished his team would seriously consider.

Sanders commanded, “Don’t take anything that isn’t given to you.”.
Anything, particularly coming from a young woman.
That is referred to as rape.
There’s a fine line there, do you see that?

“As a result, most universities lose three to four young men yearly. I don’t want you to be one of those people. No means no, if you understand what I mean. No is the final word.
“No” really does mean “no.”.

It’s all about being a gentleman, Sanders continued to tell his players. He also pushed them to act wisely and take the necessary actions to be outstanding while on break.
This calls for maintaining a healthy physical and mental state while also learning everything there is to know about UCLA with the extra week of preparation.

After losing to Stanford last Friday night in double overtime, 46-43, Colorado had a difficult week ahead of them. Sanders and the Buffaloes, on the other hand, will turn things around and return even stronger than before.
On October, at the Rose Bowl, they’ll play the 25th-ranked Bruins. 28.
Another CU game to be broadcast on television nationally and carried by ABC.


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