Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have ‘put aside’ time at home to help Mercedes with feedback for development

Mercedes technical officer James Allison has divulged how Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are putting aside extra time while being at home just to work with the team and improve their overall performance. Mercedes is now trying everything to get back on top and challenge Red Bull in 2024.


Allison explained that despite Hamilton and Russell being fully dialed in with the team during race weekends, they are more focused on the on-track performance rather than discussing the theoretical aspects of the car and performance.



“The race weekends, you get your greatest access to the drivers because you’re with each other for many hours. But it’s also a very fractious environment to interact because the pressure of doing well at the circuit means that it’s just slightly less objective than if you’re doing it back at home,” he told Motorsport.com.


Furthermore, Alisson explained how both Hamilton and Russell have graciously kept aside some time, even during their off-track days, to work with the team and prioritize what needs to be fixed.



“The drivers have been good enough to put aside time for us in a slightly cooler environment of home. That has proved useful; it’s proved helpful for ranking the problems they have, for seeing the opportunities and just making sure that the things that we are working on are well aligned with what they’re describing,” he added.

This shows how both British drivers are completely focused on pushing Mercedes forward so that the team can challenge the reigning world champions next season.



Lewis Hamilton still experiencing an old aerodynamic issue in 2023 but is optimistic for next season

After the 2023 F1 Qatar GP, Lewis Hamilton mentioned an old and brutal aerodynamic issue that plagued Mercedes’ 2022 F1 season – porpoising.


The seven-time world champion stated that though the problem has drastically decreased in 2023, it continues to bug the team on certain tracks. However, he is positive that the issue will be completely eliminated next season.



“This car is going to bounce for the rest of the year. But I feel optimistic for next year that it won’t be a characteristic of the car. It comes and goes – in some races, it isn’t bouncing and in some races, it is. But it is nowhere near as hardcore as when we had it [last year],” Hamilton told the media, including RacingNews365.


Lewis Hamilton has his eyes glued to the world championship, especially for next season. He will do almost anything to get back to the top spot, where he stood and dominated the sport for several years in the past.

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