How Anthony Richardson’s treatment is affected by Andrew Luck’s injury.

How Anthony Richardson’s treatment is affected by Andrew Luck’s injury.



McAfee: The Colts are devastated by Anthony Richardson’s departure.

Regarding Anthony Richardson’s injury, which is likely to end the season, Pat McAfee offers his opinions.

INDIANAPOLIS— On October 20, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson of the Indianapolis Colts lay on the field in agony.
The owner of the team, Jim Irsay, had one question right away.

And why?

This week, Irsay questioned, “After everything we went through with Andrew [Luck], is there no mercy from the football gods?”.

After being tackled by the Tennessee Titans, Richardson hurt his right throwing shoulder, which Irsay said would probably require surgery to end the season.

The scene caused Irsay to focus on Luck, whose career was complicated by injuries sustained in 2015.

Thinking, Irsay wondered, was this some kind of cruel joke?
With so much hope surrounding him, Richardson—the team’s first legitimate attempt at a franchise quarterback since Luck’s unexpected retirement in 2019—was now sporting a sling on his right arm.
He was selected with the fourth overall pick.

“Irsay said, ‘It was crazy.”.
“The play appeared to be a nothing play.
That was all that was done. It appeared to be a tackle with no issues.
You receive this after that?”.

What follows is not merely a coincidence—it connects the two injuries.
What the Colts should do with Richardson is now determined by the same decisions that shaped the course of treatment for Luck’s injury.

Richardson’s long-term vision is driving the decision-making, according to Irsay and several other sources with direct knowledge of the circumstances.

It’s a lesson from the story of Luck.
Although Richardson’s injury is to his AC joint and Luck’s is a partially torn labrum, there are parallel through lines between the two injuries.

The 2015 Colts were expected to contend for the AFC title going into the season, and after a 1-2 start, the load of those expectations weighed heavily on the team.
After the injury, Luck and the Colts delayed surgery, and Luck missed just two games, possibly due to his own competitive nature and a desire to live up to those expectations.
Three weeks later, he was back in the starting lineup and went on to toss for 312 yards and three touchdowns against the New England Patriots.

However, considering what transpired over the next two years, many have long questioned the wisdom of that choice.

Tony Richardson’s right shoulder injury may require surgery, according to Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts.
Darron Cummings/AP photo.

After the 2015 season, Luck chose to undergo extensive rehabilitation rather than have surgery in order to prepare for 2016.
It was an agonizing experience, though, as the strain of the 2016 season combined with the unrepaired labrum.
Luck had limited opportunities to practice.
He continuously managed the injury for hours on end in the training room.

Luck underwent surgery early in 2017 and missed the entire 2017 season due to complications during his recovery. He made it back to the Pro Bowl in 2018 but announced his retirement in 2019 due to the physical and psychological effects of dealing with his numerous injuries.

It has always been Luck’s decision to make regarding his injury.
“It was my decision,” he stated in 2017. I never had the impression that someone else was attempting to choose for me.

Whether or not Luck’s availability was prioritized in the short term over the long term is still up for debate.

There is pressure to return to the field now that Richardson is involved.
Irsay claimed that the glimpses Richardson has given thus far have “whet your appetite” for more.
It will also raise doubts about his durability because he has already missed time from the field due to injuries before the AC joint sprain.


All Colts players, including the organization’s executive leadership, are determined to keep those factors out of the picture when making decisions regarding Richardson’s shoulder.
According to sources, this way of thinking has influenced internal discussions about Richardson at Colts headquarters.

Shane Steichen, the coach, stated this week that “we want to do what’s best for him and this organization moving forward.”.

Irsay said, “I’m rooting for his health, but those quarterbacks, they’re competitors.”.
In the future, I hope to see him represent the league.

When it came to his unexpected retirement in 2019, Andrew Luck made the decision to postpone surgery for his injured right labrum.
Michael Conroy/AP Photo.

Similar counsel has been given by a few of Richardson’s teammates, who have also been affected by his absence.

Receivers Michael Pittman Jr. said, “It’s definitely hard, because you want to prove to everybody that you’re worth that [draft] pick.”.
“I just advised him not to short-term sell himself,”.
This is our man, our franchise man.
Hopefully, they brought him in to play for the next fifteen years.

This is the reason the team did not make any hasty decisions regarding how to handle Richardson’s injury.
According to sources, some of the nation’s best specialists continue to counsel the team’s medical staff.
As the shoulder’s inflammation goes down, time is making evaluations easier to understand.

“Patience is always the most important factor in franchise building,” Irsay stated.
“One thing that is necessary is patience.

According to Irsay, everything is still moving toward a surgery that will probably end the season.
According to him, that choice might be made in a week.
The Colts’ strategic approach, however, is more proof that they are approaching this with a wider perspective.


A crucial thing to keep in mind is that, as is the case in this instance, surgical decisions are ultimately made by the individual player.

“What they do with their bodies is something they decide,” Irsay remarked.

However, Richardson’s camp and the Colts have been working together to handle this, and they both feel that the focus should be on the future rather than 2023.

Irsay sees a time when Richardson’s rookie season will serve as evidence of the advantages of approaching injuries from the right perspective.
That’s the kind of testimonial that luck was never able to provide.

Irsay stated, “It’s all about the ultimate and long-term healing.”.
We want this to be a tale that, ten years later, [Richardson] tells a young quarterback, saying, ‘Oh yeah, I had that injury.
It went smoothly.


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