Colts make a ton of roster adjustments.

Colts make a ton of roster adjustments.



Is Gardner Minshew able to maintain the Colts’ dominant position in the AFC South?


The Indianapolis Colts announced on Tuesday that they had made a number of roster moves to the active roster as well as the practice squad.

With defensive tackle Grover Stewart’s suspension causing him to miss the next six games, the team made some changes to the practice squad and added a player to the active roster.

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The Colts made the following moves on Tuesday:.

WR Juwann Winfree has been signed.

Last week, Winfree was cut from the practice squad.
Prior to his release, he had spent the first three weeks of the season using up all three of his gameday elevations from the practice squad.
With Winfree now in the room, there are six wide receivers.

C. Jack Anderson was added back to the practice squad.

In September, Anderson was added to the practice squad and was put on the practice squad injured list right away.
He is now a member of the 16-man roster since it is essentially a reserve list for injured players on the practice squad.

WR Tyrie Cleveland has been added to the practice squad.

Renowned for his exceptional athleticism and deep speed, the Florida native was previously selected in the seventh round.

RB Zavier Scott was added to the practice squad.

Scott, a standout during training camp, was released in August after receiving an injury settlement, but he has since returned following a full recovery from a knee injury.

WR Racey McMath was cut from the practice squad.

Following roster cuts in August, McMath joined the Colts’ practice squad right away.
He played on the squad for the first six weeks of the season but was not promoted.


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