Report: Steelers awaiting Trade for CB

The Pittsburgh Steelers have two options for a cornerback trade. Making one makes a ton of sense.




PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers need cornerback help. It’s not a dyer situation, but if you were to name their biggest concerns at the bye week – or at least their fixable concerns – corner sits at the top of the list.


As they return from the bye week, the Steelers could target two positions to upgrade moving forward. The first is the offensive line, which has continued to struggle despite upgrades at a few positions. More specifically, center would be the position to improve, but going out and getting a top-tier center is nearly impossible in the middle of the season.


Finding a top-tier cornerback is not.


So far, the Steelers have been linked to Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson and Denver Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain. Either would provide exactly what Pittsburgh is looking for, and if they have the resources and the opportunity, making a move is a no-brainer for either player.


With the steady growth of Joey Porter Jr., it’s assumed he’s the future of the cornerback position in Pittsburgh. Even if the team isn’t willing to make him a starter just yet, he’s the piece of the group they’ll mold into their CB1, but they’re still missing a CB2.


Grabbing another young option means the Steelers have their outside cornerback duo of the future. This takes a ton of pressure off of Cory Trice Jr. when he returns next season, and even allows the team to keep Patrick Peterson for another year to work as their backup.


It also makes T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith that much more dangerous. Right now, they’re a huge – maybe the biggest – reason the Steelers are 3-2 and in first place in the AFC North. Imagine if they had an extra second or two to get to the quarterback? That’s a Pittsburgh dream.


Compensation means a lot when talking about trades, but theories have been tossed out there that the Steelers could land Johnson for a fourth-round pick. If that’s the case, go get him.


For Surtain, they’re probably looking at a first-round pick-plus. It won’t be easy, but is giving up a first, second and maybe a third-round pick worth having a lockdown cornerback to line up with Porter Jr. for years to come?


The bye week is about regrouping and improving where you can. The Steelers have plenty to build upon once they return, but when it comes to upgrades on the roster, cornerback is their only and best option.


This team is built to win through their defense. They might as well invest when they can to build it now.


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