NFL executive blasts Dolphins despite historic offensive pace: “Haven’t really beat anyone.”.



NFL executive blasts Dolphins despite historic offensive pace: “Haven’t really beat anyone.”.


For the first few games of the 2023 season, at least one NFL executive thinks the Miami Dolphins’ extraordinary offensive output has been slightly exaggerated.


The executive told The Athletic’s Mike Sando, “Interesting team.
They should have put up 70 against the Giants, but they put up 70 against Denver.
With that kind of firepower, nobody can compete. But they also haven’t really defeated anyone.
Against Carolina, they were down by 14 points. Do you think they will overcome a 13-point deficit against Philadelphia?
No, in my opinion.

Miami is scoring 498 points per game on average, more than 100 more than the next closest team.
Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa are the NFL’s top passer and receiver, respectively, and rookie running back De’Von Achane is still third in the rushing game despite only making four appearances.

Maybe the executive’s argument has merit.
In the most recent NFL power rankings published by Bleacher Report, four of the five worst teams were on Miami’s schedule.
It failed miserably in a 48-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills in what has been its most challenging matchup so far.

Probably not for much longer—the Dolphins can’t keep up this pace. Having said that, the offense isn’t exactly pulling this off with a show of deceit.

Years ago, Hill made a name for himself as one of the best pass catchers in the NFL.
Today, he lines up next to Jaylen Waddle, a wide receiver who has posted consecutive seasons of 1,000 yards.
After two years of inconsistency, Tagovailoa has obviously made progress.
Anyone who followed Achane in college knew he was a home run threat with the ball in his hands.


Defense coordinators and opposing coaches are only so effective in their planning against this kind of talent.

Week 7 was in front for the Philadelphia Eagles.
That may serve as a better gauge of how effective—or ineffective—this Dolphins offense really is.


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