In a defeat that reset expectations in Jacksonville, there was good, bad, and ugly for the Colts.

In a defeat that reset expectations in Jacksonville, there was good, bad, and ugly for the Colts.


The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Indianapolis Colts 37-20 in a game that wasn’t competitive for the final three quarters, extending the Colts’ losing streak.



The AFC South’s current champion was decided in the Week 6 matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars.
The matchup between these two teams in Week 1 was intense, so a close game was anticipated.
The Jaguars, however, ensured that wasn’t the case by taking the lead early and winning 37-20 in the end.

Despite the Colts’ bad day, there were a few valuable lessons learned.
Sadly, there were also some undesirable takeaways.
Let’s examine them now.

The positive aspects of the Jaguars’ Week 6 victory over the Colts.

Calvin Ridley has received supplementary coverage.

Finally, a WR1 on the opposing team was stopped by the secondary. Calvin Ridley only gained 30 yards on four catches against the Colts, a significant improvement over their previous meeting when Ridley gained 101 yards and a touchdown on eight receptions.
On a mishandled coverage play, Christian Kirk did manage to enter the end zone, but overall, the young corners performed admirably and contained the pass catchers.
First-year player JuJu Brents also recorded his first career interception.

Michael Pittman Jr.

David Pittman Jr. As the franchise’s go-to rescuer, he keeps up his excellent play.
On 14 targets, he caught nine passes for 109 yards in total.
He has been the center of this unit in a contract year, and now that the passing game will likely get more attention with Richardson possibly out for the season, Pittman has a chance to start securing the huge contract extension he so richly deserves.
Regardless of whether it involves Indianapolis or another franchise.


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