Gardner Minshew of the Colts Accepts Responsibility for the Jaguars’ Loss.

Gardner Minshew of the Colts Accepts Responsibility for the Jaguars’ Loss.


Quarterback Gardner Minshew of the Indianapolis Colts was forthright about his play in a crushing defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Gardner Minshew took over as the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback after Anthony Richardson was sidelined last week against the Tennessee Titans.

The Colts won 23–16 thanks in large part to Minshew’s ability to sustain their offense.
Head coach Shane Steichen referred to Mitchell as the best backup quarterback in football because of his ability to make wise decisions with the ball in Richardson’s place.

The Colts felt confident after Minshew’s performance last week that the offense would be able to function even in the event that Richardson had to miss time.
However, that confidence might be slightly shaky following Minshew’s performance on Sunday.

Minshew and the Colts lost 37-20 in Jacksonville on Sunday after being dominated by the Jaguars.
Having turned the ball over four times, Minshew had an incredibly unusual day that cost the Jaguars 17 points. The Colts’ losing streak in Jacksonville is extended by this defeat; since 2014, Indy has failed to win at EverBank Stadium.

Once the game was over, Minshew admitted, “I was careless with the ball.”.
It wasn’t adequately taken care of by me.
I know I put our team in a terrible situation, and it’s unfair to the other guys, so I’m going to take responsibility for that and look at my actions.

On Sunday, October 15, 2023, in Jacksonville, at EverBank Stadium, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew II (10) is sitting on the sidelines.

Minshew completed 33 of 55 passes, or 60% of the field, for 329 yards, three interceptions, a touchdown, and a fumble loss. Minshew had never had a game in his NFL career with multiple interceptions prior to Sunday. Minshew acknowledged responsibility for each interception while promising to improve.

“Michael Pittman Jr. is the one to Pitt.”. I sailed,” Minshew clarified.
“I sailed the other end, and on the fourth down (cover zero), I dropped and attempted to lay the ball up there, but I ought to have thrown it farther outside.
I’m going to grow and learn from it.

The Colts were ruined on Sunday by turnovers.
Eventually, the Indianapolis offense would pick up steam, moving the ball downfield on key pass plays to Pittman or Jonathan Taylor, only to have Minshew’s poor interceptions stop them.
Attacking rhythmically became nearly impossible as a result.

In an effort to deflect attention from his quarterback, Steichen also accepted responsibility for the interceptions.

Steichen remarked, “Obviously, with the turnovers, we put ourselves in a hole there.”.
“We must perform better there.
I believe our guys fought valiantly and to the very end, but I think I could have done a better job there.
It goes without saying that we kept digging ourselves deeper holes.
As I mentioned earlier, I have to perform better.
Bravo to Jacksonville as well.

The absence of a running game was another factor contributing to the Colts’ offensive problems.
The Colts managed just 44 yards on the ground against the Jaguars, after running for 193 yards against the Titans the week before.
The Colts’ ground attack was stifled by Jacksonville for the most of the day, making Zack Moss (21 yards) and Taylor (19 yards) ineffective.

On the defense of the Jaguars, Minshew said, “I thought they had a good plan.”.
“For a large portion of it, they were base 11 (people), so some difficult matchups dot. When they act in that way, we do have to make them pay outside.
Personally, I believe we’ll all take that personally as a challenge and react accordingly.

The fact that the Colts were behind 31-6 in the third quarter did not help. At that point, in order to stay in the game, the Colts had to become one-dimensional and throw the ball for the remainder of the game.

Steichen went on, “They played well against the run early on and then got the interceptions.”.
Hats off to Jacksonville once more.
We had to toss it there more than fifty times in an attempt to get back in.

Minshew ultimately bears the loss, though.
Whenever Minshew’s number has been called this season, the quarterback has failed to care for the ball.
When it came to using the air to elevate the offense, he was unable to contain the Jaguars.

As Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew (10) tries a late-quarter pass, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Travon Walker (44) hits him.

Just kept, one way or another, shooting ourselves in the foot, Minshew thought. I needed to improve myself in order to give us a chance to succeed.
I wasn’t good enough personally.

Minshew was meant to play a revenge game on Sunday.
Minshew had some added incentive to play against the team that dealt him away in 2021. It was time to savor one last laugh and snap the Jacksonville Colts losing streak.
Regretfully, it did not take place.

However, Minshew deserves praise for accepting responsibility for the defeat and not running away from the post-game questions. He is aware that his performance fell short of what his team needed and that he did not perform well enough.
Some quarterbacks would have run the other way, but Minshew promised himself to remain strong and improve the following week.

“We won’t be tucking our tails,” Minshew conceded.
“We won’t become indifferent.
We’ll just keep pushing through, take what we can from it, and emerge stronger on the other side.

Given that Richardson and the Colts are seriously considering having the rookie’s injured shoulder operated on to end the season, Minshew might be in charge of the offense for the remainder of 2023.
Indianapolis will be fine if Minshew performs as well as he did against the Titans.
It’s going to be a long season for the Colts if he performs like he did against the Jaguars.


Which Minshew will be the Colts’ center going forward?
Only time will tell.


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