Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, shows up at a Jacksonville hotel and surprises the staff with a bag of cash.

Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, shows up at a Jacksonville hotel and surprises the staff with a bag of cash.



Karen, a dedicated and occasionally struggling mother of two sons, worked as a hotel housekeeper in Jacksonville, Florida, and she was halfway through her shift.
hotel on Saturday night—the same hotel that Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, happened to be staying at for the team’s Sunday game against the Jaguars.


Irsay approached Karen, who was cleaning a hotel room on the seventeenth floor, as she emerged into the hallway.
She was carrying a cart of supplies and was dressed in black scrubs.
The bag inside the bag held wads of cash.


Several stacks of $100 bills totaling thousands of dollars were given to Karen by him.
In Jacksonville on Saturday night, Irsay was giving out $10,000 “tips.”.


In a video that he shared with IndyStar, Irsay addressed the housekeeper and wished her luck for her diligent work.
“I’m just wishing you love. ****.

The two gave each other an embrace. Though she was having trouble saying the words, Karen thanked Irsay.
Irsay expressed his gratitude to her for her commitment.
He admitted to her that things weren’t always simple in life.
He spoke of the diligent, blue-collar grandmother he had.


Irsay told her to “go and take care of your family.”.
“Blessed be you, my love.



After leaving Karen, almost in tears himself, Irsay picked up his bag of cash and went to his hotel’s lobby, where he heard a guitarist playing.


“We are going to take care of the musicians of the world, the real musicians playing the real music,” Irsay declared as he turned to face the camera while being filmed.


With a greeting of “Hello, my good fellow,” he approached the guitarist.
We’re here to deliver amazing .s to you. Irsay placed $10,000 on the table next to the musician, who was having difficulty continuing to play.


“Oh my god,” he exclaimed.


Irsay thanked the guitarist for his musical gift and informed him about the 300 guitars he possesses, which include rare pieces from Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Prince, and Jerry Garcia, who played the legendary Tiger guitar from 1979 to 1989.


“I enjoy listening to you play.
The guitarist just kept playing, amazed, “I want to drop this blessing toward you,” Irsay said.
“Out there, this man is producing the real sounds.
That guitar playing is really good.
This is a wise choice.

“My ministry is this.”.


This past weekend, Irsay arrived in Jacksonville on a mission.
Following those two interactions with the housekeeper and the guitarist, as well as with other employees he surprised with sizeable cash gifts, he spoke with IndyStar on Saturday night.


Irsay questioned, “How many times do we enter hotels and just stroll past employees—bellhops, desk clerks, people behind the desk—as if they were artificial intelligence robots, for heaven’s sake?”.
“God expects a lot of you in return when He bestows blessings upon you.


Irsay claimed to have discovered a newfound desire to find those in need, look them in the eye, get to know them, find out about their names, families, and stories, and then bless them.


“Bringing up a family and making ends meet—paying for groceries, bills, and a roof over your head—are always challenging times,” Irsay remarked.
That’s my ministry because all those things are difficult.



Irsay stated that his goal is to make people happy, joyful, and peaceful, especially those who are strangers and are struggling to survive.
He wishes for them to understand that they are not by themselves.


“Every day when I wake up, I think about how I can change the world and make it better, just like Karen on the 17th floor,” he said.
“One individual at a time.
Individually at a time.


Irsay performed a rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” a song that helps him every day.
“I’m not the only one who dreams, despite what you may think.


“Is that not the reality?” he questioned.
A teaspoon of inspiration can change an ocean, so this is a ministry of unwavering love, service, and serving God while occasionally changing the community one person at a time.


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