Hats off to Auston Matthews and more stunning signs from the Leafs in rollicking win over Wild

Hats off to Auston Matthews and other good signs from the Leafs in big win over the Wild

One word summary of Matthews’ second consecutive hat-trick from enthusiastic teammate Wiliam Nylander:


Leaf Auston Matthews beat Wild goaltender Filip Gustavsson on Saturday night at Scotiabank Arena, completing his second hat trick in as many games.

As if what the Maple Leafs did on a Saturday night in October didn’t matter because everyone assumed they’d make the playoffs without breaking a sweat. And only the consequences count.

So it was almost an upset when the season started this week, from the majority of fans and, with even more unpleasant taunts, from some who had covered for the team to take their lives. You would think that no one would pay them for that. Yeah, they’re fine, yawn. Yes, they have the means to be awesome, yawn. But we’ve seen this movie before, it’s been on at the Scotiabank Roxy for years, yawn. However, should we recall one (1) playoff win in the Brendan Shanahan era? Or the incompetence of famous players when it comes to dropping an important ball? SNORING.

Opening night wins:
too sloppy-ugly. A hat by Auston Matthews:
Okay, but that wasn’t even a particularly good match for him. An extremely exciting comeback, two-point shootout:
Meh, never should have put myself in this position against the rebuilding Canadians.

So how did a 7-4 win over the Minnesota Wild help you? How about a second hat-trick for Matthews – now it’s a second per game – and no Leaf has had three hat-tricks in a row since Wendel Clark twenty years ago. Quite brilliant from the start, scoring goals in every way with perfectly healthy, absolutely magical wrists and a head full of leadership.

A one-word summary of Matthews’ evening from enthusiastic teammate Wiliam Nylander, himself not too shabby with three goals in two games:

etcetera part:
“I think he’s amazing. Put pucks in the net. Score all kinds of goals. He has been called.

More broadly from Morgan Rielly, watch Matthews at work:
“It’s so special. Obviously, he feels it and he’s having a good start to the season. When your people do that, control the play, put the ball in the net, it gives us a good chance of winning.

85 points last year for Matthews, which was considered a bit pessimistic for him. Six points this year so far, goals across the board. And he also recovered the ball in the following check. The Leafs deployed their offensive attack against the Wild’s trap-style defense to devastating effect, although the three goals allowed in the first period were not a clear reflection of the approach. this club’s cumbersome and frustrating hockey. However, they are big, heavy and hard.

But we should also mention – in the reflected light of Matthews’ pyrotechnics – a slightly more assured performance from Ilya Samsonov after a poor opening (except for penalties) when Toronto scored the third of his score with the lovely Russian retiring at the sixth point. skateboarder. Not mid-season, far from it, but pretty unlucky in a few key episodes. More importantly, Samsonov kept the Wild at bay as the Leafs sank in the second period and Minnesota discovered a pushback. This game was in its early stages as Samsonov made back-to-back saves, including a reflex denial of Brock Faber, cutting just outside the paint with his second shot at the puck, while Leafs defenders gave the rookie – last year’s Gopher teammate with Toronto Tower Matthew Knies – more than enough room to maneuver.

The Leafs responded with a sick scribble by Mitch Marner at the end of a penalty kick, but

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