Troy Taylor, the coach at Stanford, stated regarding Deion Sanders and Colorado.

Troy Taylor, the coach at Stanford, stated regarding Deion Sanders and Colorado.

The Cardinals’ rookie head coach offered his opinions on the current state of affairs at Boulder.

Earlier this week, Troy Taylor had a meeting with the media.
In comparison to Deion Sanders in Colorado, he talked about some of the parallels and differences he’s experiencing while rebuilding Stanford.

Troy Taylor said, “The college football world has obviously turned upside down with the transfer portal.”.

“I believe that Coach Sanders is making an effort to adapt as best he can, taking into account both the benefits and drawbacks.
That, in my opinion, is what we’re all attempting to accomplish, and to do it in a way that most effectively reflects your individuality and the character of your university.
Depending on where they are in life, everyone faces different obstacles, but he’s done a pretty good job, I must say. I have nothing but praise for Coach Sanders because, at the end of the day, our responsibility is to win football games, graduate players, and assist them in having an amazing experience.

On how college football success and roster management are evolving.


We simply aren’t a transfer portal university.
Because you can’t switch your roster, it will be a little different and take longer to complete because we’ll be using high school players.
What you do is figure out a way to do it, using your advantages over competitors, or the things that you can do, without complaining about it.
That’s what Coach Sanders is doing, and at Stanford, that’s what I’m also attempting to do.
The Stanford approach will differ from nearly everyone else’s at the FBS level.
That’s good. I enjoy being the exception.

Regarding the vibe he anticipates in Boulder this evening.

It’s been sold out for a month, so I’m sure the atmosphere will be fantastic.
It’s great that he and his team brought that to Boulder because it seems like the crowd is really passionate about it and loud.
Boulder has a long history of being a football-loving community. I worked there as a graduate assistant in 1994 and 1995.
It’s encouraging to see them with celebrities; the players can tell me if I don’t know them all.
I think it’s fantastic anytime you can infuse college football with the kind of excitement he does!”.


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