The real Max Verstappen is revealed by a Red Bull engineer, who also reveals the true nature of the F1 star.

The real Max Verstappen is revealed by a Red Bull engineer, who also reveals the true nature of the F1 star.


One of Max Verstappen’s closest teammates in the Red Bull team claims that despite working with the Dutchman every day and becoming accustomed to his talent, he still surprises him.

One of the most important trackside allies for Max Verstappen is Calum Nicholas (right).

Max Verstappen is described as “ruthless” on the racetrack, but one of his Red Bull engineers maintains that in private, he is just “one of us.”.

At the age of 26, the Dutchman last weekend won his third straight Formula 1 championship. And it was his most straightforward victory to date, ensuring the championship with five Grands Prix left in the 2023 season.

Red Bull mechanic Calum Nicholas made a social media post in honor of Verstappen’s accomplishments after that was verified.
Although there is no such thing as perfection in sports, he wrote, “I’ve never seen anything closer to perfection than what @maxverstappen1 has accomplished this year.”.

Nicholas has a better view of Verstappen’s activities at the F1 track than most people, if not any.
He also gave some insightful commentary on the latest episode of the Sky Sports F1 podcast about what makes the sport’s newest three-time world champion tick.

The Red Bull engineer said, “I’ve always thought it’s odd to me that people can’t see sometimes how brilliant he is.
“To me, when he’s in the garage and not driving a race car, he truly is one of us. He interacts with us in the same way you would want to interact with any of your other coworkers.
His kindness and concern for those around him are brilliant.

“I like that he can get in the car, close his lid, and be brutal from there.
You play sports. We’re in this to succeed. He’s here to succeed.
The fact that he can switch between the two is fantastic, in my opinion. And he actually does.

Verstappen’s commitment to getting the best performance possible from his car at each race weekend is a major factor in his success. That is demonstrated by the fact that throughout the course of this season, despite the enormous lead he has held at the top of the standings, he has never shied away from criticizing the car in practice.

When describing Verstappen’s perfectionist tendencies, Nicholas said, “It just seems to be in his nature that he will just chase every last bit – he will leave nothing on the table.”.
“It’s wonderful to have.
This is excellent because it increases our responsibility to deliver.
Because of the way we are here in the garage, we thrive under pressure.
Every week, we aim to be better.

“I know that Max will deliver as long as we do our job and the car is dependable and does what he needs it to do because I’ve seen what he’s done week in and week out.


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