Sean Payton of the Broncos acknowledges making a “boneheaded error” in the Chiefs defeat.

Sean Payton of the Broncos acknowledges making a “boneheaded error” in the Chiefs defeat.


With a 19-8 loss to the Chiefs on Thursday night, the Broncos’ first season under Sean Payton is off to a shaky start.

One particular error by the veteran coach cost the Broncos three points against Kansas City, and it seemed to represent the team’s season as a whole.

Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos was sacked on third down with 22 seconds remaining in the first half, which saw Denver trailing 10-0.
Denver was effectively forced out of field goal range when the sack occurred at the Chiefs’ 37-yard line.

The Chiefs had time to move in the opposite direction and kick their own field goal after Payton called timeout as opposed to letting the clock expire.


At the conclusion of the first half against the Chiefs, head coach of the Broncos Sean Payton acknowledged making a tactical error.


Payton acknowledged after the game that he should not have called a timeout because he was unaware that it was fourth down.


That was a stupid error on my part, Payton admitted.
I’m off by a down, but that was stupid.
They were calling one as well.

Denver needed to limit its errors in order to have a chance to win because it was a huge underdog on the road against the Super Bowl champions at the time.
Despite the Broncos defense playing well in the first half, Payton made it slightly simpler for the Chiefs to add three points.

Denver’s 16 straight losses to the Chiefs, dating back to 2015, have now occurred as a result of the defeat.


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