In the days leading up to Week 4, the Colts expressed their willingness to complete a Jonathan Taylor trade.

In the days leading up to Week 4, the Colts expressed their willingness to complete a Jonathan Taylor trade.



It took a significant mental shift on the part of the Colts for them to mend their differences with running back Jonathan Taylor.

Because the Colts had not extended Taylor a single offer on a multi-year contract by July, things took a turn for the worse.
All indications are that team owner Jim Irsay intended to continue the situation year after year, possibly going from Taylor’s final year of his rookie contract to a franchise tag and then a second tag.

Taylor resisted because he was looking at $4.3 million for 2023 with no additional security. Aggressively.
Irsay also exerted pressure.
There was ego at play. Irsay made rash and generalized claims and accusations on Twitter.
A trade was required by Taylor. The Colts permitted him to look for one.

Taylor was placed on the physically unable to perform list for the first four weeks of the regular season when a trade wasn’t made.
The Colts allegedly experienced a conversion during their month-long break.
The Colts’ refusal to give Taylor the financial security he had earned was the main reason Taylor had wanted out.
For Taylor, the Colts made the decision to take action that they had not taken for other franchise running backs like Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James.

Taylor’s camp was contacted by the Colts in the days before their Week 4 matchup with the Rams, according to Stephen Holder of
An extension for three years and $42 million was finalized by the following weekend.

The investment will be made during quarterback Anthony Richardson’s CBA-capped early years of his contract.
When Richardson has finished growing, the Colts can go back to the draft and select a new tailback.

That most likely won’t occur until 2026 at the earliest, given the way the Taylor contract is set up. Richardson will also be qualified for a second contract in that year.

As a result, it’s a win-win situation that emerged just as both teams appeared to be heading for defeat. Irsay should be commended for removing his tough-guy persona.
M. Chris Ballard should be praised for pushing Irsay in that direction.


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