Dolphins worried about Connor Williams’ potential “residual” effects.

Dolphins worried about Connor Williams’ potential “residual” effects.


In order for Connor Williams’ groin injury to heal properly, the Dolphins are thinking about resting him as their starting center.


The Miami Dolphins are attempting to determine what needs to be done within the organization in order to keep its starting center healthy for the remainder of the regular season and possibly the playoffs.

That might imply that Connor Williams, who has missed the entire week of Carolina Panthers practice, will miss more than just Sunday’s 1 p.m. m.
During the recovery period for a groin sprain he has been nursing for a few weeks, he may play in a home game or even a few games.

Williams battled groin soreness to play in last Sunday’s 31-16 victory over the New York Giants after missing Miami’s 48-20 loss to Buffalo.
Williams’ injury regressed as a result of playing against the Giants, which is a problem.

Dolphins are concerned about the ongoing groin issue.

If Miami doesn’t give Williams a couple of weeks of rest to let the soreness go away, it’s possible that the groin issue could persist throughout the entire season.

“We kind of knew the residuals, but this is maintenance.
Coach Mike McDaniel said, “We’re at the delicate point where we’re trying to make sure that we do [what’s] best to not let it linger all season, knowing that it will be an issue.
Our offense is already playing without Pro Bowl left tackle Terron Armstead, who was placed on injured reserve last week and will be eligible to return to the lineup for the Nov.
vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, game 5.
It’s somewhat complicated.
How much discomfort [is there], and is ability lost.
The solution is not simple.

If Williams didn’t participate in practice all week, would McDaniel feel confident starting him?

McDaniel stated, “It is definitely not ideal,” but added that he is open to the idea because of the connection Williams and Tua Tagovailoa have as center and quarterback, respectively.

The success or failure of a player is directly correlated with many of the decisions made by the offense’s starting quarterbacks and centers, including protection calls, middle linebacker identifications, and tandem work with fellow offensive linemen.

With Connor last year, I don’t believe I would have felt at ease in that situation.
After ruling Williams out of Sunday’s game against the Panthers, McDaniel stated, “I think I would be comfortable with that this year with Connor, and that speaks to him and his development, as well as the coaches helping them simplify a very complicated position.


In the middle, Eichenberg is back.


This indicates that Liam Eichenberg will take his place as Miami’s starting center.

In Miami’s 48-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the second-round pick for 2021, who has started 27 NFL games at guard and tackle, took Williams’ place as the team’s starting center.
He also gave up two sacks and made two mistakes.

The majority of the problems Eichenberg had against the Bills, in his opinion, have now been resolved.

Frank Smith, the offensive coordinator, said that there are always going to be areas where you can get better.
“For him, a player and actually the guys who have the right internal process, they’re always going to remember the one play, the two plays, the cut handful of things where they know they can improve.

“Was it perfect when you were playing center in that kind of setting for the first time? No. However, there were a lot of areas where we can improve, and given how careful and deliberate Liam is, we have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Eichenberg has been working on his stance and snapping for the past two weeks.
He has also researched Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow, who he says is built similarly to him.

It’s still a new position for me, so I’m just picking things up as quickly as I can, Eichenberg said.

Being in charge of the offensive line, in Eichenberg’s opinion, is his greatest challenge.

Eichenberg explained the duties that come after he has identified the defense of the opponent: “What are we doing?
Get me set? Give me a second.”.
“That’s the sort of thing people don’t realize.
The center controls the ship.

And it currently seems that Eichenberg will serve as Miami’s hub for the ensuing weeks.

Lester Cotton could be used at center, a position he has been cross-trained to play, or rookies Alama Uluave or Chasen Hines could be promoted from the practice squad as Miami’s only other options at center besides Eichenberg.
The New England Patriots selected LSU product Hines in the sixth round of the 2022 draft to play center in place of Uluave, who played center for San Diego State.


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