Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill criticizes NFL for six-figure uniform fine

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill criticizes NFL for six-figure uniform fine

The Miami Dolphins are heading into their Week 6 matchup with the Carolina Panthers in South Beach. Tua Tagovailoa led a masterful offense for the ‘Fins’ and Tyreek Hill was a big reason for Miami’s success.

Hill leads the NFL with 651 receiving yards on 36 receptions. He has five touchdowns this year and one of them was controversial early on when a fan grabbed Hill’s ball without realizing the Dolphins superstar’s mother was right behind him.

The Dolphins could look to improve the tight end position with a possible change that coach Mike McDaniel alluded to in his comments to the media. Hill and receiving partner Jaylen Waddle are excited about the recent addition to the team via trade.

Hill’s giving of the touchdown ball and the chaos that followed was the subject of a touching video posted to Hill’s TikTok page, prompting the NFL itself to respond in the comments section.

For our NFL trade information and predictions on Super Bowl contenders, listen below:

The NFL’s TikTok comments gave Hill a golden opportunity to comment on Roger Goodell being fined at the league for uniform-related violations, something Hill is clearly not one to judge by. his reaction.

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