Vikings Trade Pitch Swaps Kirk Cousins for Former incredible No. 2 Pick

Vikings Trade Pitch trades Kirk Cousins ​​for the former No. 2 pick

After five years of relatively good play, followed by a disappointing 1-4 start to 2023, the Minnesota Vikings may have finished with quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Ringer’s Benjamin Solak talked about the Vikings on the Wednesday, October 11, edition of the Bill Simmons Podcast and suggested that Minnesota may part ways with Cousins ​​before the NFL trade deadline on October 31. ten.

“Kirk is in the last year of his contract and I would be absolutely stunned if we see him in a Vikings uniform in 2024,” Solak said. “This team desperately needs to inject some youth and start a new era, and I think you’ll see interest in Cousins ​​​at the trade deadline.”

Solak mentioned the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons as potential landing spots for the quarterback, saying the smart move for Minnesota would be to use reserve Sean Mannion for the remainder of the season after being traded for Cousins ​​for a significant asset in the 2024 draft

“As a result, I could see them going into the season playing reserves towards the end of the season… and really, really, really trying to sink this thing,” Solak continued. As the conversation continued, Simmons floated the idea of ​​a trade with the Jets that would bring in both the draft package and former No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson, who could compete with Mannion and potentially Nick Mullens to start representing.

“So if you’re in Minnesota, maybe you’ll meet Zach Wilson? » Simmons applied.

“Oh? A new little house, new Zach? Solak replied. “I don’t mind. I have a feeling the Jets would want to release Zach Wilson because that would eliminate them, right? You’ve eliminated that polarized image.

Kirk Cousins ​​​is an attractive trade chip to potential opponents thanks to his contract

GettyMinnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​​watches from the sideline before an NFL game against the Los Angeles Chargers in September 2023.

If the Vikings decide to move Cousins ​​at some point in the next three weeks, there will be no shortage of interest.

The midfielder’s base salary is $10 million this year, which Solak said is paid in the form of a match check. According to Spotrac, the remaining $25 million is the bonus the Vikings paid to Cousins ​​and would cost Minnesota the salary cap in 2023 and for the next four seasons, depending on a realignment. structure, according to Spotrac. The Jets, Falcons or any other team trading for Cousins ​​would only have to pay a prorated amount of Cousins’ $10 million base salary. That equates to a game bonus of $555,555.55 per week for the next 13 weeks — a total of $7.2 million for the rest of the year if the Vikings land the quarterback before the game on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

“Overall, Kirk is now a very, very attractive trade candidate,” Solak said.

The Falcons are a more likely trade destination than the Jets for Kirk Cousins​​

GettyMinnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​throws a pass during an NFL game against the Philadelphia Eagles in September 2023.

While the Jets may be willing to offer a more attractive package to Cousins ​​than the Falcons or to an injury-riddled playoff team in late October, the QB has an advantage: a no-trade clause . The Vikings offered him as he extended the 2023 campaign over his final two seasons. Vikings insiders have emphasized throughout the year that Cousins’ personality is not suited to the high-profile, high-pressure nature of the quarterback role for a New York-based franchise. York. Additionally, Cousins’ wife has family in Georgia, where she also attended college and where the two were married.

The cousins ​​expressed their wishes

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