Three Miami Dolphins are playing past the terms of their contracts, while two are not.

Three Miami Dolphins are playing past the terms of their contracts, while two are not.


Five weeks have passed since the Miami Dolphins’ fourth game, and the team is once again in the lead in the AFC East.
These athletes are a key factor.

Andrew Van Ginkel (43) of the Miami Dolphins celebrates sacking Jim Rassol of the New York Giants.

While there are still some crucial games to play in the 2023 season, the Miami Dolphins are already 4-1 and proving just how good they can be even when they aren’t playing well.

The Dolphins didn’t play particularly well today.
However, if you watched it, you probably weren’t particularly impressed from beginning to end, even though the stats looked good and the win was fantastic. It appeared small.

The performance of several players, who continue to perform far better than the contracts they currently have, didn’t feel insignificant.
There are people who obviously aren’t playing to their strengths—we’ll mention the two most obvious ones.

Andrew Van Ginkel might very well be the best defender on the Miami Dolphins right now.

As a holdover free agent, Van Ginkel agreed to a one-year contract.
Regardless of how much he and his wife love South Florida, he will leave if the Dolphins don’t give him a contract extension. The truth is that AVG is performing incredibly well right now, and it was even reported that Stephen Ross personally stopped him from leaving the field after today’s game to talk to him.

You are doing something right if you can capture the owner’s attention.
Five games into the season, AVG is performing admirably, and in all honesty, Vic Fangio shouldn’t make any changes once Jaelan Phillips is back.

Without a doubt, AVG is abusing his contract and should receive compensation.
sooner rather than later, and possibly much sooner than Christian Wilkins.


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