From Bama to the NFL: How Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins influenced Bryce Young of the Panthers.

From Bama to the NFL: How Tua Tagovailoa of the Dolphins influenced Bryce Young of the Panthers.



It is safe to assume that Panthers quarterback Bryce Young would not have, according to him.


Bryce Young, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, claims it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t have chosen Alabama had Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for Miami, not been there and demonstrated that a player with similar abilities could be successful in Tuscaloosa.
On Sunday, Tagovailoa will be on the opposing sideline. David Newton created the video.


Bryce Young, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, developed a love for the pass-happy Pac-12 offenses while growing up in California.
As a result, he committed to the university in July 2018 despite living in Pasadena, which is only about 30 minutes away from USC.

Then Tua Tagovailoa, who will be on the opposing sideline for the Panthers’ game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday (1 p.m. m. ET, CBS) — emerged as the top quarterback for Alabama.

History is what came next.

Young changed his commitment to Alabama in September 2019 after visiting the Tuscaloosa campus.
Coach Nick Saban encouraged Tagovailoa, the 2018 Heisman Trophy runner-up, to switch from his run-oriented offense to the pro-style, quarterback-focused offense that was dominating college football.
This is why he did it.

Young was ranked No. 1 four years later.
The Panthers selected first overall in the draft.

“It was a big transition from when he was there, just what the offense looked like and what Alabama moved to offensively,” Young said of Tagovailoa on Wednesday.
Therefore, a major factor in my presence there was that.

Alabama had not previously been on anyone’s radar, according to Bryce’s father, Craig Young.

He claimed, “Quite frankly, the brand of football was boring.
“Seeing Tua there and watching coach Saban adjust and throw the ball gave us a lot of confidence to go there,” said the group.

The fact that Tagovailoa (6-foot-1, 227 pounds) was a smaller quarterback than Young (5-10, 205) also played a role.

You’re going to Alabama because they have the best linemen, and perhaps some of the best receivers, and they compete at the highest level, said Craig Young.
“We reasoned that could be good for us on many levels and prepare Bryce for the next level, as well as to address any height and size questions he still has to address today.

Both Youngs agreed that Young would not have attended the university where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2021 if it weren’t for Tagovailoa.

They now wish Young’s NFL career would follow Tagovailoa’s path.
He still has a long way to go.

Young has a QBR of 28.6, which is the lowest in the NFL.
With three of the scores coming in Sunday’s 42-24 loss to the Detroit Lions, he has thrown four interceptions and five touchdown passes.

Young missed one game due to a sprained ankle for the Panthers, who are 0-5 overall.

With a QBR of 75, Tagovailoa is ranked third. He has thrown for a 4-1 Miami team that has the highest scoring average (36 points per game) through five games in the last eight years, 11 touchdown passes, and five interceptions.

Unlike Young, Tagovailoa didn’t experience much difficulty during his first season.
He started the season as Ryan Fitzpatrick’s backup but won his first three starts en route to a 6-3 record.

Despite suffering eight game-missing injuries the previous two seasons, he has a 25-14 record overall.

But during their final two seasons as the starting quarterback in college, Young and Tagovailoa’s statistics nearly coincided.

In 24 starts from the 2018–19 seasons, Tagovailoa threw for 6,806 yards, 76 touchdowns, and nine interceptions while maintaining a 70.2 completion percentage.

In 27 starts between the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Young threw for 8,200 yards, 79 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions with a 65.5 completion percentage.

Greg McElroy, an ESPN college football analyst and a member of Saban’s first Alabama team in 2007, said, “There are a lot of comparisons.”.
Both have a soft voice.
They both put in a lot of effort and are selfless, and their families have a big impact on them.

They share similar football abilities as well.

Both have a quick release, are accurate, can throw with different arm angles, and can distribute the ball all over the field, according to Carolina coach Frank Reich.
able to move the pocket and make the play while not running but with good decision-making skills.

Unaware of his influence on Young’s choice to attend Alabama, Tagovailoa didn’t know what it was.

That really means a lot, he said.
“There are things he has accomplished at Alabama that I could not even attempt.
Because of this, his ability to win the Heisman and break records overseas is a testament to both his hard work and the family he comes from.

McElroy comprehends how Tagovailoa may have influenced Young’s college decision.

“Tua was the first guy operating the [Alabama] offense in a very quarterback-friendly way and putting up gaudy passing stats,” he claimed.

In the 2018 Heisman voting, Tyler Murray of Oklahoma came in second place to Tagovailoa, who was a close second.
From 1993 until that point, there had only been one quarterback from Alabama who had advanced to the finals.

The perception of the quarterback position at Alabama underwent a significant change when a quarterback entered the Heisman discussion, according to McElroy.


Young’s decision to switch to Alabama was also influenced by Saban’s hiring of Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator in 2019, Tagovailoa’s final campaign.

Craig Young described Sarkisian, who spent a large portion of his early coaching career at USC, as having “we seen what Sark could do.”.
“After viewing Tua’s tape, it was clear how Bryce’s skill set might be applied.

As the Crimson Tide’s passing game improved, more Alabama quarterbacks were starting in the NFL.
There are currently four: Young, Tagovailoa, Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles), and Mac Jones (New England Patriots).

All were selected in the first round, with the exception of Hurts (Round 2, 2020). Young is the only quarterback from Alabama to receive a top-ten ranking.
Overall, 1.

Not all of the credit for changing Alabama’s quarterback reputation belongs to Tagovailoa.

The guys who were surrounding him, he claimed, were really to blame.
“Before I arrived, Alabama’s reputation was more for ground and pound .
than for throwing the ball downfield.
And in a way, Alabama is made by its defense.

“Coach Saban recruited players while we were there, so I’d say those players saw what we were capable of.
One of those things that makes you go, “Oh, yeah.”. Alabama is more than just a team that plays physical defense.
The answer is yes, and they throw the ball frequently.

Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, Jaylen Waddle, Pat Surtain II, DeVonta Smith, and Jameson Williams are the seven first-round wide receivers Alabama’s pro-style offense has produced since 2018.

Saban had two before that: Julio Jones in 2011 and Amari Cooper in 2015.

Craig Young said, “Tua had more wide receivers from the NFL, and Alabama took advantage of it.
“We made the decision that we’d love to take part in that.

After the Dolphins signed Tyreek Hill and Waddle, Tagovailoa’s NFL career really began to take off, according to McElroy.

Once Carolina brings in talent of that caliber, he believes Young’s career will take off in a similar fashion.

Tua was just a guy before Hill and Waddle arrived, according to McElroy.
“Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, was just a guy before they acquired [WR] Ja’Marr Chase.
Without a really dynamic receiving group, you cannot compete in the NFL today.


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