Anthony Richardson’s health has already been a big problem for the Colts.

Anthony Richardson’s health has already been a big problem for the Colts.


Anthony Richardson had few options after repositioning himself to pass in Indianapolis.
A much more promising running lane opened up to his left.

So, like any good quarterback, he took action with wisdom and speed. Richardson began moving up the field after tucking the ball.
He was in full sprint within five yards of the line of scrimmage, outpacing pursuing defenders thanks to his long strides.

To no avail, a defensive lineman first tried to pursue. A linebacker also attempted to tackle Richardson, but Richardson evaded him as well.
Three would-be tacklers bounced off the large Richardson as he approached the end zone before launching into a Superman-like leap across the goal line.


College defenses frequently lacked the tools to handle Richardson, who was then a star at the University of Florida, as evidenced by his 81-yard touchdown run against LSU.


The Indianapolis Colts’ first-round pick is still a dangerous runner in the open field even though he is the team’s starting quarterback now.

Coach Shane Steichen said, “His ability to do what he does and be a dynamic runner is obviously a huge part of his game and he’s had some huge runs in the games.”.

But now that Richardson is playing in the NFL, there is a significant difference.
In the pro ranks, Richardson is up against athletes of much higher caliber.
He can get run over from behind by an outside linebacker like Harold Landry III, which is what happened to him on Sunday.

Following Richardson’s third significant injury of the year, which put him on injured reserve for at least the next four weeks, the Colts and he must deal with some facts.

Steichen said, “I understand that [injuries] are a part of the game, but we’ve got to just keep evaluating that stuff.”.
And once more, I keep repeating, “We just have to keep being smart.

That holds true in other situations as well, such as choosing when and how much to use Richardson as a runner.
In fact, there is a lot more discussion at Colts’ headquarters about Richardson’s own need for protection.


According to numerous sources, the rookie is being repeatedly taught this lesson by those in his immediate circle, including his coaches, family, and friends.
It’s difficult to say whether Richardson could have handled the circumstance that caused his injury on Sunday in a different way.
But prior to being tackled, it was obvious that Richardson didn’t have much room to move.


It wasn’t clear that the message was getting through before Sunday.


Richardson was questioned about whether he needed to change his playing style following his recovery from the concussion that kept him out of the Ravens victory in Week 3.

No, he said, “it’s a ball.”.
I haven’t sustained any crazily severe injuries yet. I slammed my knee into the ground.
On turf, you can injure yourself by simply slamming your knee against the hard surface.
My head then colliding with the ground is also a result of the ball.
I believe there is no need for me to alter my playing style. I believe I play well enough to know when to go down and when to stay up.
I’m hoping to stay healthy for the remainder of the season, but it is what it is.

Anthony Richardson, the quarterback for the Colts, was placed on injured reserve on Wednesday, which means he will be out for at least the next four weeks.
Justin Casterline/Getty Images provided the picture.

But given what transpired, the Colts are hoping Richardson gives the situation more consideration.
The fact that this has proven to be difficult is not entirely surprising to them, though.
Given his limited playing time at Florida and his recent age of 21, Richardson has about the same amount of experience as most college juniors, a team official noted.

Richardson was selected by Indianapolis with the knowledge that it might take him some time to adjust to the physicality of the professional game and that there might be some drawbacks while he did.
The Colts looked at players with comparable styles, such as Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, and noticed a propensity for those players to take unwarranted hits in the early stages of their careers.

Additionally, like Allen, Richardson’s 6-foot-4 frame and 244 pound weight guarantee that defenders won’t treat him with kid gloves.
Richardson will invariably receive the best shots from defenders.

Guard Will Fries said, “That’s just human nature.
“I believe that defenses likely look at a player who is that big and physically imposing and [say], ‘OK, we’ve got to wrap this guy up.

Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, had a similar realization following the teams’ season-opening encounter, and he later gave Richardson some unasked-for advice.

According to Lawrence, “the hits add up in this league and they are a little different than in college.”. I simply advised him to take precautions.
I can’t wait to see how his career develops.

Not just Richardson must think about how to proceed.
Richardson will be used on planned runs, so Steichen, who is also the offensive playcaller, will have to decide how much he wants to expose him to hits. Richardson still ranks sixth among quarterbacks with 16 planned runs despite playing in only 12 quarters thus far.

But do not anticipate a change in that strategy upon Richardson’s return. Steichen left the door open for a slight shift, but he has not demonstrated any desire to do away with such a dynamic aspect of Richardson’s game and the benefits Richardson’s running ability offers the offense.

Regarding changing his offense, Steichen said, “We’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.

For the time being, the Colts believe Richardson’s injury rate can be reduced by showing a little less aggression.

Guys close in fast, as Richardson acknowledged after being struck by an approaching safety and suffering a concussion.

Richardson is obviously no longer a college student.

Anthony Richardson, the Colts’ starting quarterback, suffered a right shoulder injury on Tuesday and was forced to miss at least the next four games.

In the victory over the Titans on Sunday, Richardson sprained his AC joint.
According to a source who spoke with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday, the team has been in extensive consultation with doctors to determine the length of Richardson’s absence and now estimates that he will miss four to eight weeks, depending on his recovery and whether surgery is necessary.


Richardson will be unavailable for games against the Jaguars, at home against the Browns and Saints, and on the road against the Panthers if he only misses four contests.
The Colts’ next game will be against the Patriots in Frankfurt, Germany, following a four-game stretch that ends with a bye in Week 11.

When questioned about the possibility that Richardson might miss the remainder of the season on Wednesday, Colts coach Shane Steichen didn’t rule it out.

We shall see.
He stated, “We’re still assessing with the doctors.

Going into their Week 6 game against the Jaguars, the Colts are 3-2 and tied with Jacksonville for first place in the AFC South.
The rematch of a game that Jacksonville won 31-21 in Week 1 will be led by former Jaguars draft pick Gardner Minshew.
When Minshew replaced Richardson in the Tennessee game, he did an outstanding job, completing 11 of 14 passes for 155 yards over the course of two and a half quarters of play.
Because of Richardson’s earlier medical issues, Minshew has already played a significant role this season. The seasoned backup quarterback has completed 68.7 percent of his 83 pass attempts for a completion percentage of 553 yards without throwing an interception.


Richardson’s injury on Sunday marked his third injury this year.
He has now left three different games early as the fourth overall pick in 2023. Richardson was taken off the field in the closing seconds of Indianapolis’ season opener against Jacksonville after taking a hit to the knee.
He later missed Week 3’s game against the Ravens after suffering a concussion against the Texans the week before.


In a statement made earlier this week, Steichen said, “It gets tough when a guy gets dinged up, and he’s been dinged up.”.
He’s clearly a very, very talented player, so it’s difficult. But we have full confidence that Gardner will take over and carry on as usual.

The Colts coach described Minshew as “an elite processor of the game.” Steichen spent time with Minshew during his previous position as the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive coordinator.
You have a player who can assess the situation quickly and decide quickly.
He’s been fantastic for us; he’s really good, accurate, and knows where to go with the football at the right time and place.

Sam Ehlinger will be Minshew’s backup at quarterback.
On Wednesday, the Colts added former Vikings draft pick Kellen Mond to the practice squad.


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