Panthers coach Ivan Cleary lays the boot into NRL battlers in f-bomb riddled end of season speech for the aabout in hilarious speech 

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary slams NRL Warriors in end-of-season speech with f-bombs in hilarious speech

Before Penrith Panthers coach Ivan Cleary etched his name into rugby league folklore, he joined the team as a coach and fought to revive his career. himself with longtime warriors Wests Tigers.

Today, at the end of awards season after three historic finals wins, Cleary opened up about his return to the Panthers in a hilarious 20-minute speech that infuriated the audience.

Cleary coached the Panthers during his first spell between 2012 and 2015 before being sacked by Phil Gould and the board, sending him into the rugby league wilderness.

He was eventually picked up by the Tigers, where he told the players to “get on the bus” and took them to the brink of the 2018 NRL grand final.

However, Cleary has now revealed that he is planning his own exit even as he asks players to participate in the Tigers’ battles. The three-time grand final winning coach admitted he is looking forward to returning to the Panthers after his short spell at Wests Tigers.

Former Panthers president Dave O’Neill tried to woo Cleary throughout 2018 and the coach has revealed what happened when they finally met for coffee.

“He just looked me straight in the eye and said ‘man, do you want to come back?’ » Cleary said.

‘What do I say?’

“He said ‘do you want to come back and coach the Panthers?’

“And I was like ‘fuck it’.”

“I came home and told (my wife) Bec and she said ‘What?!’

His admission prompted a roar of approval from the crowd and some lined up to warm up at Wests.

“How bad is the environment at Wests Tigers for Ivan to pay them an exit fee just to leave the venture?” ” we asked. “Ivan can’t wait to get home and see how it goes,” another posted.

Cleary has now established himself as one of the NRL’s top coaches after being sacked by the Panthers.

Needless to say, Tigers fans were delighted.

“Really Ivan, you treated West Tigers players, members and fans like we were nothing,” one person posted.

“You had a lot of money and when you signed the new contract you ran away.”

There was always a sense of unfinished business in Penrith and Cleary spoke of the fracturing of community culture at the time.

“The club has so much potential that they have reached the final three years in a row”

“There was a lot of success in the lower grades and there were a lot of good kids playing there. “Like Yeoy ([saah Yeo], Nat [Nathan Cleary], Dly [Dylan Edwards], Romy [Jarome Luai] debuted…in the center of the team.”

“At that time, the community appreciated his team, but they did not feel love for him.

“There aren’t many people wearing Panthers gear in the suburbs. There were many Parramatta fans, there are still many here today.

“Luckily you don’t see too many jerseys. There are a lot of Southern fans, people who have moved here… I think there’s a real opportunity here.

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