Deion Sanders reveals the shade he threw at son Shilo: ‘Putting your brother out there’

Deion Sanders reveals the shadow he cast over his son Shilo:
“Put your brother there”

Deion Sanders isn’t afraid to express his feelings, and that includes being extremely candid with his own son.

Sanders, who joined “Inside the NFL” on Tuesday, revealed that during Colorado’s 43-35 win over rival Colorado State in the third week of the college football season, he had some plans Plan for overtime, especially when the defense has difficulty stopping.


Sanders said before the game went into overtime, he talked to his son Shilo about why he didn’t put the defense on the field first.

And in doing so, he cast a bit of safe shade in a humorous father-son moment.

“We were about to go into overtime, and Shilo walked past me, and instead of saying ‘coach’ like he’s supposed to do when we’re on the field, he said, ‘Dad, the defense is there. first?'” Sanders recalls. “I said, ‘Boy, you haven’t caught anyone all day, I’ll take your brother there. I kicked your brother out because I knew what he would do. …But it was as much a fatherly moment as it was a coaching moment.

Sanders led the Buffaloes’ offense for five plays before Colorado State scored its own touchdown.

Shedeur led another quick scoring drive in the second overtime period before Colorado’s defense was finally able to make a stop for the win.

That third game also took its toll as Travis Hunter, one of the team’s best players, suffered a lacerated liver after taking a late hit. Colorado safety Shilo Sanders takes a break on the field against an NCAA college

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, right, hugs his son, safety Shilo Sanders, after returning an interception for a touchdown in the first half of an NCAA college football game against Colorado State Colorado.AP

Colorado’s coach told reporters Tuesday that Hunter will likely return to the field Friday against Stanford.

“There’s a very good chance he could play,” Sanders told reporters. “It depends on how he looks, how he performs in training. How is its wind? He must be in good condition. I don’t want him to be a burden. I want him to always be a great asset. Travis, he came to me yesterday morning and said, “What more can I do to help us get where we need to go?” So I love the team aspect of Travis, 100%.

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