Two of Aaron Rodgers’ teammates imitate the quarterback of Colorado after a successful Week 5 as Shedeur Sanders’ $70000 watch flex makes it to the NFL.

Two of Aaron Rodgers’ teammates imitate the quarterback of Colorado after a successful Week 5 as Shedeur Sanders’ $70000 watch flex makes it to the NFL.



The Shedeur Sanders watch flex party is becoming popular.
In celebration of the Buffaloes’ narrow 27-24 victory in Week 6, the Colorado quarterback ran toward the Arizona State supporters and flashed them his expensive watch.
And now, the celebration known as “The Shedeur,” as coined by Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, has made its way to the NFL.

2023 NFL Week 5 saw the New York Jets defeat the Denver Broncos 31-21.
In front of the Denver crowd following the game, Aaron Rodgers’ teammates imitated Shedeur Sanders’ watch flex.
Even though the quarterback for Colorado took some heat for it, the move seems to have a lot of supporters.

The two Jets who carried the watch flex all the way to the National Football League are who are they?

The watch flex from Shedeur Sanders is brought to the NFL by Aaron Rodgers’ teammates.

After defeating the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets’ Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall mimicked Shedeur Sanders’ watch flex.
They danced as if they were displaying a watch to the Denver supporters, running toward them like the Colorado Buffaloes QB1 did.
And that, too, without a mask.


Not just that.
After the Las Vegas Raiders defeated Aaron Rodgers’ and his old team, the Green Bay Packers, wide receiver Devante Adams performed “The Shedeur.”.

Sheduer Sanders initially drew criticism for flaunting his $70,000 watch, particularly because the Buffaloes had to fight to defeat the Arizona State Sun Devils.
Although Deion Sanders Jr., his older brother. jumped to his defense and told the haters that treating a young man badly because he was successful was “lil money” behavior.
The NFL has now adopted the celebration.

At the conclusion of Week 6, Shedeur Sanders and the Buffaloes are 4-2. They have a chance to advance to a bowl game this season, and they could build on that success once they adjust to the new conference in 2024.

finishing strong.

Last year, nobody took Colorado’s football program seriously because it was operating in the Pac-12’s shadowy corners.
Nevertheless, the Buffs have been completely transformed under the leadership of Deion Sanders, and media attention to the team is at an all-time high.
Colorado will want to make a big splash in its final season in the Pac-12 in 2023.

Since the Buffs will be joining the Big 12 the following season, they want to make their final campaign in the conference special.
In the past six weeks, the team has won four games.
Compared to just one victory all of last season, that represents a significant improvement.

Additionally, their quarterback Shedeur Sanders has a remote chance of winning the 2023 Heisman Trophy.
But taking it week by week, the Stanford Cardinals are Colorado’s next opponent. What could be more memorable than that?


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