Chris Ballard deserves praise for his tenacity in trying to keep Jonathan Taylor with the Colts.

Chris Ballard deserves praise for his tenacity in trying to keep Jonathan Taylor with the Colts.


General manager Chris Ballard should be commended greatly for getting Jonathan Taylor to agree to a three-year extension with the Indianapolis Colts.

Chris Ballard, general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, addresses the crowd on September 17, 2023 in Houston, Texas, according to Maria Lysaker of USA TODAY Sports.

The big news surfaced shortly after it was revealed that Jonathan Taylor would be activated from the PUP list for the Week 5 matchup against the Tennessee Titans.
Taylor was signed to a three-year, $42 million extension by the Indianapolis Cots in addition to being activated.
This happened unexpectedly and without any news being leaked beforehand.
Without a doubt, this is the right transaction, and it took a meeting between Chris Ballard and Jonathan Taylor to make it happen.

Why Chris Ballard convinced Jonathan Taylor to sign a contract.

Although we can only speculate, we will never know the actual cause.
In his preseason press conference, Ballard said that the “relationship is repairable,” and he demonstrated that.
It is reasonable to assume that Ballard spoke with Shane Steichen in addition to Taylor.
Bringing Taylor back into the fold was something that fans couldn’t resist because they feel that the franchise is ahead of schedule.

The possibility of pairing those two up (especially on a rookie contract) intrigued the Colts after seeing what they had with Anthony Richardson, as it would make defensive coordinators worry themselves to sleep at night.
According to reports, Ballard reconnected last week and worked tirelessly to close the deal.

Why Jonathan Taylor was able to close a deal.

This one seems a little too easy for them.
Unquestionably, they desired that he receive the highest salary of any running back in the league.
But was that practical in this setting? Without a doubt. We have observed the development and future direction of the running back market.
At $14 million annually, Taylor is the third-highest paid running back in the league, which is exactly where he should be. I believe Taylor’s representation wanted more, but they also understood that this is the market right now. You could say that Ballard gave in, but I believe that what actually happened was that two professionals realized they needed and wanted each other to reach their annual goals.

Don’t forget Chris Ballard, Jim Irsay, and Shane Steichen’s influence on this negotiation. Irsay gave Ballard the difficult task of working with Taylor and his group to calm the waters.
In regards to the entire situation, Irsay and Taylor’s agent were at odds on social media.
The NFL is a business first and foremost, and Ballard is not one to overspend on anyone.

Make no mistake, Ballard prefers his coaching staff to develop the players he drafts, despite the fact that one could argue he hasn’t always spent his money wisely (and one could also make that case here).
The future of Shaq Leonard is in jeopardy now that Taylor has agreed to the extension, so all eyes are on Micheal Pittman.


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