At least four NFL games will Justin Jefferson miss.

At least four NFL games will Justin Jefferson miss.


The 2023 season has been extremely difficult for wide receiver so far.

With serious concerns about Kurt Cousins’ suitability to lead a team into the playoffs, the Minnesota Vikings are still mired in a state of perpetual crisis.

The connection between the quarterback and Justin Jefferson, his primary wide receiver, can be difficult on the field.


The fact that Jefferson’s contract is set to expire at the conclusion of the current season puts the Vikings in a difficult position, as many team members worry he won’t sign an extension until it is known who will start at quarterback in 2024.


The Vikings will, however, experience life without Jefferson in the near future due to the receiver’s placement on the injured reserve list.

A more thorough examination was completed by the team’s medical staff on Monday after Jefferson’s hamstring injury in Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jefferson was deemed to have a serious enough hamstring injury to be placed on the injured reserve list.
He is not expected to play for at least four games after that.


Roberto Ortega, a star in the NFL, was “humiliated” by Vinicius’ dribble.

Contrary to popular belief, conspiracy theories and sports fans often go hand in hand.
However, some people believe that Jefferson’s injury may actually benefit the team.


The Vikings’ season is in complete free fall, and with a record of 1-4, they are currently ranked among the worst teams in the league.

The benefit of performing poorly this year is the opportunity to draft star quarterback Caleb Williams, who is anticipated to go first overall in 2024.

The team will perform worse without Jefferson, and it’s possible they won’t pick up a victory at all.
He might be more likely to sign an extension, though, if he knows that a talented player like Williams will be joining in the offseason.


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