The social media breakthrough in Coach Prime’s life that forever altered the value of his brand is revealed by Deion Sanders’ advisor.

The social media breakthrough in Coach Prime’s life that forever altered the value of his brand is revealed by Deion Sanders’ advisor.



Deion Sanders and the Prime effect are hot topics right now. Coach Prime has been an agent of change throughout his time as a college football coach.
Along with the value of the programs he touches, the value of his brand has skyrocketed.

Since he started working for Colorado in December of last year, the program has been completely overhauled.
An uncompetitive team has improved its performance.
Furthermore, the renown “Prime Effect” has generated a lot of buzz, boosting both his brand and the program off the field.

Sanders, however, wasn’t always the same.
His most dependable advisor recently made public a social media discovery that completely altered the value of his brand.

Deion Sanders made a decision that altered the value of his brand.


Sanders and social media work well together now, but it wasn’t always like that.
Constance Schwartz-Morini, Coach Prime’s advisor and close confidante, recently made an appearance on “60 Minutes” and discussed how, despite taking some time for the Colorado Buffaloes head coach to warm up to the idea of social media, it did wonders for his brand once he did.

Ironically, we had to coerce him into using Twitter and Instagram when they first became popular.
The importance of controlling your social media and messaging became clear to him once he realized its effects, according to Schwartz-Morini on the program.

In order to become an influencer and connect with the fans, Sanders has used social media.
It’s hard to imagine him at one point not wanting to use those resources given how popular his motivational quotes and videos are across all platforms.
The Buffaloes program has benefited greatly from this.

The Coach Prime effect is reflected in Colorado.

Sanders was hired by Colorado to bring back a storied college football program in Boulder, and he quickly succeeded in his mission.
When he was assembling the roster from scratch, his use of social media generated excitement about the Buffaloes and drew many outstanding players to the University of Colorado.

The same publicity opened up numerous revenue streams for the program, strengthening the foundation he is attempting to lay.
Off the field and on it, this is obvious. The Buffaloes selling out all of the season tickets and the large crowds at the games provide sufficient proof.
He has already proven himself to be a great coach thanks to the team’s on-field accomplishments, such as competing with the 4-2 USC Trojans despite being ranked much higher.


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