Shedeur Sanders once again led the CU Buffs to a victory at ASU in comeback fashion.

Shedeur Sanders once again led the CU Buffs to a victory at ASU in comeback fashion.


Colorado’s junior quarterback has guided his team to three come-from-behind victories in the first half of the season.

During the second half of an NCAA college football game on Saturday, Oct.
6, Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders passes against Arizona State. 7, 2023 in Tempe, Arizona.
Denver triumphed 27-24.

Arizona’s TEMPE. Shedeur Sanders was alone on the bench, holding a towel and thinking.


Late in the third quarter on Saturday at Mountain America Stadium, Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes had an offensive possession ended by another sack – yet another big hit in a season full of them.


After Sanders sat down, Sean Lewis, the offensive coordinator, and a team trainer spoke with him briefly. Otherwise, while Arizona State had the ball, a frustrated Sanders sat 60 yards from the rest of the offense.


He is furious.
The CU head coach Deion Sanders described his son’s feelings at that time as “he’s upset with the way this looks.”.
He is dissatisfied with how things are developing. He’s frustrated by the constant hits.
He’s still performing to the best of his abilities despite being the player in college football who has been sacked the most.
He is tired of it.

Not easy to blame him.
In the end, CU defeated the Sun Devils, 27-24, securing a crucial win on the road to bowl eligibility.
However, despite the fact that the Buffs (4-2, 1-2 Pac-12) are frequently exceeding people’s expectations, they aren’t meeting the bar set by Coach Prime or his star player.

The Buffs were down 17-14 and moving the football had been a chore all night when Shedeur Sanders had his alone time on the bench.
Without counting additional hits he took, he had just received his fourth sack.

Sanders described that moment as “really just taking accountability of what’s going on in the game.”.
I’m keeping the ball in my hand for a little too long.
Not really following through with everything, not really playing flawlessly.
That’s all it was, so I’m left frustrated on the sidelines.

That crucial second served as another example of the junior quarterback for the Buffs’ talent and tenacity.


‘It’s time,’ it’s like.
You will take matters into your own hands and do whatever it takes to win,'” Sanders continued, further elaborating on his current state of mind.
“You have a strong will; it is inside of you.
And you are aware of how to manipulate them and force them to do what you want.
Their (the defensive coordinator’s) strategy against us was excellent. They did a good job of going to the ball and protecting our players, but at that point, it was time to switch to legendary mode.
Let’s lock in and get started.

The Denver Broncos of the 1980s under coach Dan Reeves are being brought back in memory by these Buffs.
Because they lacked many stars, those teams frequently trailed late in games.
However, they would turn to their star quarterback, John Elway, in those situations, who frequently would enter a different mode and pull off a victory.

The legendary Broncos linebacker Karl Mecklenburg once said of Elway, “With John there, we had a comfort level that as long as we kept it close (until) the end of the game, we had a chance.”.

Shedeur Sanders is portraying Elway, the king of comebacks in his era, admirably halfway through his first season in Boulder. Sanders has led the Buffs to a victory in the fourth quarter three times in the past six games, most recently on Saturday.
John Hessler (1995) and Joel Klatt (2004) hold the school record for comebacks in a season with four.

As a result, it came as little surprise when Sanders ran to the field to lead the offense when CU regained possession of the ball after his time on the bench.
He led them 61 yards in just 95 seconds for the game-winning touchdown using his arm, feet, and toughness.

Following Sanders’ solitary period on the bench, CU had the ball four times.
Three of those possessions resulted in goals, one of which was the game-winning field goal on a daring last-second drive.

Coach Prime commented, “He always acts like this.
“Every damn week, you’ve seen this.
You’ve heard of this before.
Every week, you’ve witnessed this.
Every week you see him doing this.
It seems like we are waiting for him to don his cape and perform his magic.
He performs that each week.
By now, you guys ought to be used to it.

Maybe, but it was still amazing when Elway did it repeatedly.
And when Sanders summons the strength to lead his team to victory, it’s even more impressive.

He explained, “It’s just something that kicks in because that losing is just not in me.
“So it’s like, if we have a chance, we’re going to win.
We will win if it is not already too late in the game.


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