Deion Sanders is trending in Colorado for Amontrae Bradford of On300 EDGE.

Deion Sanders is trending in Colorado for Amontrae Bradford of On300 EDGE.


On the recruiting trail, Deion Sanders and Colorado are still gaining momentum.

Statesboro (Ga. Amontrae Bradford, a member of the On300 EDGE, has visited Georgia Tech, Indiana, Vanderbilt, and Colorado on four occasions.

As his decision nears, Bradford indicated to On3’s Chad Simmons that he was “getting close” to making one.
According to the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM), Colorado is now trending to be Bradford’s destination.


According to the most recent predictions made by experts in the recruiting field, The Buffaloes have an 80 point two percent chance of signing Bradford.


The No. 1 player is Bradford, who is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 230 pounds.
According to the On3 Industry Ranking, a weighted average using all four major recruiting media companies, there are 634 overall prospects in the 2024 class.
He is also ranked No. In addition to No. Georgia has 79 recruits.

However, On3 places Bradford much higher than the other three top recruiting agencies.
He was listed as No. 1 in the nation in the most recent On300 rankings.
290 Prospect, No. the 27 EDGE, and No. 34 players in Georgia.

Bradford talks about Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Colorado, and Georgia Tech.

Bradford outlined what distinguishes some of the schools he’s considering in his prior interview with Simmons:.

Regarding Colorado: “The official visit to Colorado propelled them up my list.
It was not what I had anticipated.
I’m glad I made the trip there and paid a visit.
When I spoke with Coach Deion Sanders, things were different.
Coach Sanders is interested in his recruits, but you can only see or hear what the media portrays. I spent time with the other coaches, and I think highly of them.
The fans support the team, and the atmosphere is one of love.
Though I wasn’t entirely interested before the visit, I can now see that they stand a very good chance of success.

In regards to Georgia Tech, I enjoyed my official visit there.
Recently, they have spoken to me a lot.
They have recently started coming much harder, but I wasn’t sure if they had given up or what. Georgia Tech is still one of the top schools I’m considering, according to Coach Marco Coleman.

Regarding Texas A&M, I once said, “I went to Texas A&M for the pool party in July. It was awesome.
Since that trip, they’ve remained consistent. Texas A&M hasn’t slacked off like some other schools have.
The coach with whom I communicate the most is Coach E (Elijah Robinson), who is cool as a cucumber. I spoke with the players a lot during my visits, and I appreciated what they had to say.
The players are the most knowledgeable because they are involved in it on a daily basis.

Regarding Vanderbilt: “Vanderbilt will always hold a special place in my heart as they were my first Power 5 and SEC offer. I have visited Nashville five times, so I am very familiar with the schools, and I frequently speak with coach Clark Lea.
The fact that the head coach speaks to me is significant, so that also carries weight.


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