Jonathan Taylor of the Colts believes that all NFL running backs will benefit from his new contract.

Jonathan Taylor of the Colts believes that all NFL running backs will benefit from his new contract.


Jonathan Taylor successfully gains by accepting the screen pass.

Jonathan Taylor uses his quickness to spread out and make a 16-yard catch and run.

INDIANAPOLIS — Jonathan Taylor’s focus on getting a new deal with the Indianapolis Colts was always on him.
The All-Pro running back is aware that his new contract benefits not only him, but also other players in his position.

One day after terminating his contentious standoff with the Colts with a new three-year, $42 million contract, Taylor admitted that his agreement represents a slight reversal of recent trends at his position.

Taylor declared, “I’m positive there’s been a shift.
“Any time a running back can perform while also having some security, it just goes to show how important running backs are.

It has been challenging to be a top-tier running back in the NFL, as Taylor has previously mentioned.
In the offseason, players like Josh Jacobs and Saquon Barkley failed in their attempts to land long-term contracts.
Taylor, however, noted that the Colts on Sunday gave a clear illustration of the position’s value.
In his first game after being activated from the physically unable to perform list, Taylor had a limited role, but the Colts still defeated the Tennessee Titans 23-16 thanks to running back Zack Moss.


Moss had two touchdowns and a career-high 165 yards of rushing, with his 56-yard run in the first quarter serving as the game’s highlight. The victory was achieved despite Anthony Richardson, the team’s starting quarterback, being forced to leave the game in the second quarter due to a right shoulder injury.


Taylor remarked, “Just being able to rely on [Moss] to secure the victory.
I mean, on that final drive, I believe we received the ball with about eight minutes and 55 seconds remaining.

The Colts scored the game-winning field goal from 28 yards away after a 14-play, 84-yard drive.
Including a 26-yard reception and a 13-yard run, Moss contributed 63 total yards on the drive.

We anticipated a physically demanding contest, according to Moss.
We played against a physically demanding team, and in this division, that’s pretty much how all of our games are.

Taylor gained 18 yards on six carries while gaining 16 on one reception.
After his reception, he noticed some space down the right sideline and leaped over a defender before being thrown out of bounds.
Since returning to the lineup, Taylor has only taken part in two practices, but once Taylor gets up to speed, he believes the pairing of him and Moss has enormous potential.

He remarked, “I think it can get really frightening.
“Over the last few weeks, you guys have been getting a taste. So now it’s up to me to keep playing my part and supporting this team.

Taylor hadn’t taken the field since December. 17, when he re-injured his right ankle and was subsequently placed on injured reserve.
He had surgery in January, and when he showed up for training camp in July, he claimed the injury was still bothering him.
Taylor, who now claims to be in good health, thought back on the time he had missed and his occasionally ugly battle for a new contract.

He said it all had a personal cost.

Taylor stated that it “weighs [on you] a lot, especially when you’re not healthy and can’t go out there and do what you love.”.
It’s challenging.
You need to have a strong support network because it pushes you and puts you in challenging situations mentally.

Taylor stated that he thinks the outcome was worthwhile.
He succeeded in his mission and received a new contract that, if it came at all, seemed more likely to happen after the season.


It’s always the organization’s decision in the end, he said.
But the No. 1 priority is always being able to put yourself in the best position.
There is only one thing you can do.
That was it for me, at least.


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