Kirk Cousins is the quarterback for the Vikings, as every football fan is aware

Kirk Cousins is the quarterback for the Vikings, as every football fan is aware.

They have witnessed and heard both the gushing praise from his ardent supporters since he joined Minnesota in 2018 as well as the scathing criticism from some sports pundits and other detractors.

He is better known to those who have watched the Netflix docuseries Quarterback, which debuted on July 12.

The access made possible by the show allowed for a deeper understanding of Cousins, from the preparation he expends to try to be at his very best to his familial responsibilities.

When Cousins was in middle school, he first expressed an interest in playing the position.
The highly publicized joy he and his teammates felt in Buffalo, as well as the physical pain he felt while helping to finish off one of the craziest games in NFL history, are just a few of the moments that serve as a reminder of him living out that dream.

The image and video of Justin Jefferson’s incredible one-handed catch will live forever in people’s memories, but it wasn’t until that episode of the eight-part series that Cousins’ tenacity in getting the ball there became fully apparent.

Through the eyes of Cousins, Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, and Marcus Mariota, the former Falcons quarterback who signed on to serve as the Eagles’ backup this year, Quarterback chronicled the 2022 campaign.

Due to his genuine likeability and committed pursuit of excellence, it’s likely that the majority of viewers now admire Cousins, a 12-year NFL veteran, more than they did before the series

When Cousins’ chiropractor and masseuse visited him in his home, the quarterback invited viewers to join him in the weight room and hydrotherapy cold tub.
Cousins’ mental planning was also partially revealed.
He never stops trying to learn more.
In addition to regularly meeting with Vikings Team Clinician Dr. Brownell Mack, he records play calls and studies them while driving home.

Over the years, Cousins has developed his process, turning into a creature of habit and putting procedures in place along the way to try to master the specifics of a team and offense.

For the first time in back-to-back Vikings seasons, working in the same system with the same play caller (Head Coach Kevin O’Connell) has paid off so far in 2023, but the team’s success has lagged as Minnesota started the season 1-3.

He is third in yards (1,214) and sixth in passer rating (104 points), and he leads the league with 108 completions.

Cousins and Mahomes will face off for the first time in their professional careers.
In 2019, Cousins and the Vikings came to the Chiefs, but Mahomes was unable to play because of an injury.

Following his second NFL MVP victory, Mahomes overcame an ankle sprain sustained in the AFC Playoffs to lead Kansas City to Super Bowl LVII and earn his second MVP honor in that game the previous year.

The bodywork that Mahomes does with his full-time coach Bobby Stroupe is one of the factors that have contributed to his success, which was made clear to the viewers. It prompted Cousins to expand the work he already does with Minnesota’s Health and Performance staff by hiring Chad Cook, a body coach he had previously worked with, on a full-time basis.

Cousins, who is 35 years old, is determined to continue playing football for as long as possible for a variety of reasons, and he keeps giving it his all at every opportunity.

Furthermore, as Quarterback explained, he is all in for his team, his family, and himself.

“When a shooting star appeared in the summer sky while I was sitting there in middle school, it was said, “Everyone make a wish.
Cousins stated, “My dream was to be a professional quarterback.
I’ll make every effort to maximize that, so.
If there was more out there to obtain, I should be ashamed for not exerting myself to the fullest extent.
I want to be able to say with confidence that I gave everything I had and left nothing unattended, even if it ends after this year. I firmly believe that whatever you do, you put your all into it, and that’s what I’m attempting to do.
Of course, I’m attempting to play for as long as necessary for my boys to remember it and take part in it.

“In this league, starting quarterback status is a privilege and a platform.
You have a chance to use that to influence people, Cousins continued.
“I might never have an opportunity, with as big a platform as I have now, to impact people, so let’s maximize this platform that we have right now to really use what I have to impact people, rather than the other way around, which is so tempting in this league.
to navigate your environment using the people there.
Let’s use our position and platform to influence others. I want to take advantage of that.

length of career.


Whoever endures time is rewarded.

Until his fourth season with Washington, Cousins was not a regular starter. 102nd overall pick in 2012, Cousins started just nine games before turning 27.

After completing his rookie deal and competing on the franchise tag in 2016 and 2017, Cousins signed with the Vikings in 2018.
Since then, he has been breaking quarterback records in Minnesota.
In terms of passing yards and touchdowns last year, he overtook Daunte Culpepper.
He passed Tommy Kramer two weeks ago for second place in passing touchdowns.

He currently ranks in the top 25 for passing yards (38,354), completions (3,357), and touchdown passes (263) over the course of his NFL career.

“I think a big part of that is staying healthy.
It’s challenging to stay on the field, so it’s challenging to do if you’re not there, Cousins said.
“The NFL, which stands for ‘Not For Long,’ is this league.
Therefore, if you can maintain your position outside, you give yourself a chance. And for that reason, I went out and sought to hire [Cook], thinking, “I want to distinguish myself with the capacity to remain on the field.”.

Cousins continued, “There are a lot of things you can’t control.
“I consider a situation similar to what [Aaron] Rodgers went through [with his Achilles injury in Week 1] to be somewhat of a freak one.
However, to a certain extent, it can result in some fantastic football if you can stay on the field and feel good.
Being there for my team and teammates is therefore a major area of focus for me.

Cousins wants to play pro football for as long as he can. He meets with Cook at his house several times per week to work. Cook and Cousins practice pushing each other’s physical boundaries as they age so that Cousins can recover from games quickly and continue to push them.

The likelihood that both of his sons, Cooper (6) and Turner (4), will recall his playing career also increases with the lengthening of his career.
Cousins hopes that his 140 NFL starts have taught him how to handle the highs and lows of game days.
But he claimed that his wife Julie is the proper arbiter of that.


However, Cousins said, “I hope it doesn’t torment them the way football torments me.
I hope my boys find something they’re as passionate about as I am about football.”.
This league will humiliate you.
You’ll be put to the test, so have grit.
It necessitates toughness.
Additionally, I want my boys to exhibit that quality.
On a daily and weekly basis, I have to serve as an example for them.

The fiery Michigan State rival he was more than ten years ago is still very much a part of Cousins, who has emerged as a symbol of quarterback durability. The only quarterbacks still in the game who have taken more regular-season snaps than Cousins are Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton, and Matthew Stafford. Week 1 of their respective rookie seasons saw the debuts of Stafford (age 35), Dalton (age 35), and Wilson (age 34).

Rarely does longevity at one job occur without environmental changes.

O’Connell is the first playmaker Cousins has had to start consecutive seasons since Sean McVay served as his offensive coordinator in 2015 and 2016.
The statistics for Cousins this year show how continuity has long-term advantages. He compared his comprehension to that of a college student taking a challenging course.

That is what Cousins meant when he said that eventually you learn where every bone is buried (in the offense).
“You adore those discussions at the 400-level.
Being able to start having them at this point in my career is exciting.

Dynamic Couples.


The Vikings defense practiced stopping four-time All-Pro Travis Kelce all week.
There was probably a common game plan discussed in the Chiefs defensive meetings: “Stop No. 18.

A reliable thrower usually sits next to game-changing pass catchers.

Justin Jefferson is breaking NFL receiving records in part because of Cousins.
He leads the NFL with 543 yards.
He reached the milestone in his 52nd career game in Week 2, breaking the NFL record for fastest player to reach 5,000 career receiving yards.
This achievement redefined what it means for a human to have an orbit.

Jefferson expressed his “joy” that Cousins’ identity was revealed to others by the quarterback.

Everyone now knows who Kirk really is and what’s going on behind the scenes of social media, according to Jefferson.
“I’m glad they did that so we could see the challenges, the things Kirk goes through, and the struggle the season is. I thought the series about him was fantastic.

Players like Cousins, Mahomes, and Kelce were featured in the NFL’s “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” advertising campaign, which jokingly alluded to the idea that the league is predetermined.
At a “table read,” they collaborated with actors to come up with wild concepts for the 104th season of the league.

“Yeah, it seemed like people liked seeing Kirk in that light, but really, it’s just Kirk.
Harrison Smith, a safety, said, “I think that was my favorite part of watching it.
“He never tries to be someone he’s not; he just is.
He simply goes about his business; whether you agree with him or not is irrelevant.
It’s good to see because, in my opinion, watching that series made people appreciate many aspects of him that they may not have known before.
The things he does in that regard, especially his toughness, stand out.

Dedicated to the Battle.

The cost of weekly NFL excellence was one of the aspects that Quarterback best portrayed.

The signal caller for a franchise is the position with the highest tax rate.
Last season, Cousins took more hits than any other NFL quarterback.
The quarterback alternated between taking hard hits and making an effort to heal from the weekly injuries he picked up while stoically facing down aggressive NFL defenders while standing in the pocket.

After watching that series, “I think people kind of appreciate a lot of things about him that maybe they didn’t know before,” Smith said.
“In particular his tenacity and the things he does in that regard.
He never feigns an identity.
Simply put, he goes about his business.

During Week 10 at Buffalo in November of last year, the quarterback displayed Cousins grinning while in discomfort.

O’Connell enquired after Cousins as he made his way to the sideline.


Cousins shouted, “No!”.
“I’m in pain.

Cousins has continued to carry out his duties in spite of those blows.
In his eight years as a starting quarterback, he has not missed a game due to an injury.

Cousins has an addiction to everything football has to offer, despite the constant hits. the rivalry, the peaks, the valleys, and even the successes.
Which are all a part of the journey.

“It’s crucial for me to focus on the here and now, to enjoy the battle even more than I enjoy winning, and to accept the process. And kind of relish the challenge,” said Cousins.
And if you enjoy the challenge, you can sort of enjoy every day, cherish every day, and improve every day despite the ups and downs that are unavoidable during an NFL season or an NFL career.
I’ll just enjoy the fight from my point of view.
Take pleasure in the weekly challenge.


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