Following a first-lap collision with George Russell, Lewis Hamilton leaves the Qatar Grand Prix.

Following a first-lap collision with George Russell, Lewis Hamilton leaves the Qatar Grand Prix.

The two Mercedes vehicles collided at the first corner of the Qatar Grand Prix, eliminating Max Verstappen, who started behind Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

After making contact with George Russell, Lewis Hamilton crashed out.

Before the Qatar Grand Prix’s first corner had even been reached, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell collided.

They hoped to work together to stop the Red Bull racer Max Verstappen after starting behind him.
However, that strategy was destroyed in a matter of seconds when the two Mercedes cars collided, knocking Hamilton out of the race entirely.


Russell got underway in second place and on the muddy side of the track.
Hamilton attempted to swoop around the outside of his teammate into the first corner as a result of getting a slightly better start off the line.


However, the move was a complete failure for the group.
As they collided, one of Hamilton’s wheels broke off and flew into the barrier, sending him spinning into the gravel and out of the race.


Russell sustained front wing damage, which necessitated him returning to the pit lane for a change of pace.
He was forced to the back of the line as a result, but he could still go on.

As a result of the collision, Hamilton was unharmed.
However, when he informed the team that he had not sustained any physical injuries, he expressed his displeasure with Russell by saying: “I got taken out by my own team-mate.

Before yelling: “Guys, come on,” Russell yelled over the radio while cursing loudly.
two consecutive races.
Later, he apologized and gave an explanation for what he believed had brought him and his teammate together.


He apologized to the group, saying, “I wasn’t even looking behind me.
I simply appeared out of nowhere because I was looking forward.
Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. Just watched the replays on television.
Being completely sandwiched, I was powerless.

Toto Wolff, who was observing from his home while recovering from knee surgery, found a radio line to Russell and told him: “George, let’s race now; let’s make the most of it.” He was thinking about the incident so much.

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