Deion Sanders Health Concerns Were Raised Two Days Before Colorado’s Game Against ASU

Deion Sanders Health Concerns Were Raised Two Days Before Colorado’s Game Against ASU

Apr 22, 2023; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during the first half of the spring game at Folsom Filed. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders is a true warrior at heart. Despite facing multiple health concerns and two amputated toes due to blood clots, he continues to coach the Colorado Buffaloes arguably better than any other coach in the NFL. His terrific performance in turning around a 1-11 team has arguably been the hot topic among college football fanatics, and his spirit is the one reason behind it.

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However, this Thursday, Coach Prime missed out on the team activities, as he reportedly had a bad reaction to his IV therapy. In his place, CU coaches Gary “Flea” Harrell and Mark Johnson had to take over.

Buffs to Go Up Against ASU Without Prime Support?

The head coach of the CU Buffs football team, Coach Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, was notably absent from his weekly coaches show in Boulder due to health reasons, after missing practices. On the weekly CU Coaches Show at The Post Chicken & Beer restaurant, the University officials confirmed Sanders’ absence. They cited that the 56-year-old coach wasn’t feeling well and indeed had a “bad reaction” to an IV therapy. However, they did emphasize how Sanders is, in fact, fine, even with the recent health issues he has encountered. Mark Johnson, the Buffs play-by-play announcer shared,

“We are going without Coach Prime here today. We received notification a little while again that (he) was a little under the weather and had a bad reaction to his immune IVs, is what I was told.”

His assistant elaborated on it further, saying,

“Well, you know, we had a team meeting this morning, and any time he’s not in our presence, we know something is wrong, he doesn’t miss very much. So, I went and checked up on him. he wasn’t feeling well, so we resumed the meeting, but he was at practice for the entire time; he’s just not at full strength right now, but he’s trying to take care of that.”

However, there is “no doubt it” that he will be there on Saturday. Coach Prime has faced multiple health challenges over the past few years. He missed Pac-12 Media Day in July due to a blood clot procedure, which marked his second surgery within two months. Additionally, he had two toes amputated while coaching at Jackson State in 2021. Though interestingly, despite his absence, the show went on, with coach Gary “Flea” Harrell and Mark Johnson filling in.

Harrell served as a ‘very efficient’ stand-in for Sanders, as he discussed in-depth the upcoming matchup against Arizona State and emphasized the importance of securing a victory in Tempe. The CU Buffs, with a 3-2 record, are set to face 1-4 Arizona State on the road. And regardless of Sanders’ temporary health setback, the team seems determined to perform well in the much-awaited matchup. After all, Sander’s rise in popularity has set the bar high for the team while he gets featured on TIME cover and preps for a ‘reported’ second season of Coach Prime.

Deion Sanders is “Changing Football Forever”

Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, continues to make waves both in football and the media. His show “Coach Prime” was renewed for a second season. It will capture the Buffaloes’ 2023 season, set to premiere on December 7. And Amazon dropped a teaser clip after the Minnesota Vikings-Philadelphia Eagles game on September 15, generating excitement.

And now, notably, Sanders has graced the cover of TIME magazine, labeled as “The Believer.” Per the magazine, he is “changing football forever,” as he sports his signature sunglasses and a black CU Buffs hoodie in the Cover.

In an interview with Sean Gregory at Boulder, Sanders proudly stated, “We’re being unapologetically who we are. You can tell, by everything that we’re accomplishing right now, that we’re headed in the proper direction at a speed that is undeniably a lot more expeditious than many people would have suspected.” 

Just before him being under the weather, this TIME cover release emphasized the rapid progress his team is making. Even though he’s unwell, his influence transcends college football, as major news outlets recognize him as a prominent figure.

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