Takeaways from Time magazine’s feature story on Deion Sanders

Takeaways from Time magazine’s feature story on Deion Sanders

The Colorado Buffaloes are the best story not only in college football but in the entire sports world right now. That was proven two weeks ago when “60 Minutes” was in Boulder and it was confirmed again on Friday with Deion Sanders hitting the cover of Time magazine.

Time senior sports correspondent Sean Gregory interviewed Coach Prime for the issue’s feature story, “The Unwavering Confidence of Deion Sanders.” In the piece, Gregory dove into Sanders’ impact on the University of Colorado, his meteoric rise through the coaching ranks, the countless number of celebrities flocking to Boulder on a near-daily basis and more.

Here are my five takeaways from Time’s profile on Coach Prime:

First of all…

Deion Sanders is changing college football forever.

Buffs fans should take a moment to soak this all in. It’s not often that a college football head coach graces the cover of Time magazine.

Plus, this is more free advertising for Coach Prime and Colorado.

Out-of-state applications are way up

Colorado chancellor Philip DiStefano told Time that out-of-state applications are up 40%, another indicator of how the Prime Effect goes beyond football.

Coach Prime is working with Kevin Hart

Time revealed that Deion Sanders is developing a half-hour comedy with Kevin Hart called “Entourage meets the gridiron.”

Dwayne Johnson was inspired by Deion Sanders

One of the best quotes from the piece came courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was at Colorado’s recent home game against Colorado State:

“So much of the character and the entity of the Rock came from Prime. One of the characteristics of the character of the Rock was talking in the third person. Deion would say certain things in the third person. I always found that so f-cking cool. Because he walked the walk.”

Sanders sees each game as David vs. Goliath

Another great quote from the story came from Sanders himself:

“People are drawn to hope, man,” says Sanders. “Shoot, we’re David. We ain’t got but a couple of stones here. We’re playing against Goliath every week. We were 1-11, and now you’re tripping about us? We’re pulling people in, man, that just want a chance to be seen, to be heard, to be noticed, to be recognized. They just want to be pushed in the swing set of life every once in a while and say, ‘Wheeee, wheeee.’”

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