RG Ed Ingram is defended by Wes Phillips, the offensive coordinator for the Vikings.

RG Ed Ingram is defended by Wes Phillips, the offensive coordinator for the Vikings.


Phillips feels that the accounts of Ingram’s performance are unfair to the player.

Through the first month of the 2023 season, Vikings supporters have consistently been outraged by right guard Ed Ingram’s performance.
Ingram’s 14 pressures allowed this season are fourth-most among guards, after he allowed the most pressures of any offensive lineman in the league as a rookie.
In the season opener, he also made a notable play that was reminiscent of the two times he stepped on Kirk Cousins’ feet the previous year: he knocked the ball out of Cousins’ hands to force a turnover.

Although the Vikings recently signed free agent guard Dalton Risner, they have continued to start with Ingram because of his run-blocking skills, which has contributed to the team’s turnaround in that department.

Wes Phillips, the offensive coordinator, gave a positive response when asked about Ingram’s performance this week.
Additionally, he pointed out that because some fans may not be familiar with how to assess offensive line performance, they tend to latch onto stories, which makes any poor performance by someone like Ingram stand out more.

According to Phillips, Ed has made progress and has learned from some of the less successful plays.
“The problem with offensive line in general, and you see it throughout the league, is that once a narrative is created — and this can be true with any position, but especially offensive line — a lot of people, fans, per se, don’t always know how to evaluate the offensive line position.
Hey, this guy can’t play, it says.
Therefore, everything they do is emphasized. And in those situations, that is simply what you have to accept.
He and our offensive line as a whole have done a great job of blocking out distractions while working hard to get better every day, and I’m proud of them for it.

There will be instances where Chris Jones defeats an offensive lineman, or every offensive lineman in this league is edged on a block, and those incidents will be highlighted after they have already been discussed. But I firmly believe that our offensive line has kept getting better.
In terms of both the run game and protection, I believed that last week was their best performance as a five-man unit. There were a lot of good spots where we could take our time working through some progressions.
They seem to be getting more cohesive as we go along, in my opinion.

It’s true what Phillips says: When it comes to assessing offensive linemen, most spectators and even media members aren’t entirely aware of what they’re looking at.
Even though they can reveal some information, there is more to it than just looking at PFF grades.
The Vikings have so far kept Risner off the field and Ingram on it for legitimate football reasons.

However, as long as you also point out the things that Ingram does well, criticizing his play is not an absurd position. It doesn’t take a master of the offensive line to see how poorly Ingram has performed in pass protection over the first 22 games of his career.
You don’t need to know anything about football to understand that a lineman shouldn’t try to take the ball away from their quarterback.

As a pass blocker, Ingram hasn’t been very effective, but he’s still young, so he could potentially get better.
Particularly in the last few weeks, he has shown good run blocking ability.
Given that Risner and possibly Blake Brandel are waiting in the wings, the truth of the matter is that he’ll need to play reasonably well going forward to keep his job.


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