Jason Kelce on Vikings’ Ivan Pace Jr: ‘That dude is a freaking beast’

Jason Kelce on Vikings’ Ivan Pace Jr: ‘That dude is a freaking beast’

Jason Kelce was warning his brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, ahead of Sunday’s Vikings-Chiefs game.

Consider the Kansas City Chiefs warned about Vikings linebacker Ivan Pace, Jr., described by Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce as “a freaking beast.”

In their latest “New Heights” podcast, Jason told brother Travis Kelce – whose Kansas City Chiefs visit U.S. Bank Stadium to face the Vikings Sunday – to be on the lookout for the linebacker, who joined the Vikings in the offseason as an undrafted free agent and has quickly become an integral part of the defense.

“Ivan Pace, former Bearcat, one of the inside linebackers. Dude, we played against him, I’m not kidding ya, that dude is a freaking beast,” Jason Kelce said. “He is all over the place, quick twitch, a little bit smaller but doesn’t play like it.”

“I love it man,” Travis Kelce responded.

Pace leads undrafted rookies for playing time so far this NFL season, and per the Star Tribune his 25 tackles are tied for second among all rookies.

After transferring from Miami, he spent his final year at college with the University of Cincinnati Bearcats – where both Kelces played in college – and was named AAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2022.

He came up against Jason Kelce’s Eagles in Week 2, which the Vikings lost 34-28, and Jason Kelce said he tried to speak with Pace.

“I tried to talk to him after the game. He big-timed me he went back in, didn’t get a chance to talk to him after the game.”

“He lost,” Travis Kelce explained.

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