Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders graces the cover of TIME magazine

The Coach Prime persona Deion Sanders has managed to build over the last decade has taken a step that can be considered surprising for some. But those who have been following his career will tell you this is an honor that fits Deion Sanders as a whole and it honors his incredible life. Starting his life as a young athlete who would then become a two-way player in MLB and the NFL is already impressive enough. During that time, Deion Sanders was the on the cover of the most prestigious magazines and enlarged his iconic figure. Deion was the cover boy of ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, GQ, Beckett, Inside Sports, among many others. But the new cover he graces is whole new tier even for him.



Coach Prime makes the TIME cover

The news broke early on Friday, Deion Sanders made the cover of TIME Magazine for the first time in his life. An honor that can be a double-edged sword because there have been some major villains on that cover before. However, Coach Prime is part of this new issue for all the right reasons. On the side of his picture snapped specifically for this cover, you can read: “The Believer. How Deion Sanders is changing football forever.” The impact has been non-stop and full frontal in one of the most passionate aspects of American football. College ball is where the people remain hopeful that this game is not just a business. with his unique method of motivation, Deion Sanders is making a massive impact that is becoming difficult to describe.




Writer Sean Gregory talks about Coach Prime’s rise to become the most popular man in American sports today. His preacher-like persona resonates with the entire country as he discusses diversity among head football coaches in the NCAA. Sanders also talks about the methods he uses and how they have rubbed his rivals the wrong way. The issue has specific tributes from successful folks like The Rock, DaBaby, and many stories of how Sanders is getting to reshape this sport from its core. Even if the Buffaloes don’t win anything this season, Coach Prime’s impact on it is unquestionable. That’s the main reason his phenomenon earned a spot on this month’s issue of TIME.

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