Cam Newton Says $5.5 Million Isn’t Enough to Be Jets’ Backup QB

Cam Newton Says $5.5 Million Isn’t Enough to Be Jets’ Backup QB

The Jets have been attached to several quarterbacks in rumors and reports since Aaron Rodgers suffered his Achilles injury in Week 1. Names have included Tom BradyMatt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Chad Henne, and even Colin Kaepernick.

One quarterback who hasn’t been mentioned is Cam Newton. The 11-year veteran didn’t play in the NFL last season after appearing in eight games (starting five) in a return stint with the Panthers in 2021. But at 34 years old and presumably still in great shape, Newton could still warrant a look.

Appearing on Robert Griffin III’s podcast, RG3 and the Ones, Newton was asked if he’d join the Jets if they called him. But his answer might indicate why he’s not currently with an NFL team.

“You not about to sit here and penny-pinch me, bro,” Newton told Griffin. “I’m not about to sit up here and sign no $5.5 (million) deal, bro.”

Either Newton means that he’d want the top salary among NFL backup quarterbacks or he expects to be the starter wherever he goes. He said to Griffin that he doesn’t believe there are 64 quarterbacks better than him.

A $5.5 million deal would put him among the top five backups in the league and a handful of starters. Tyrod Taylor earns that much as the Giants’ reserve signal caller. The highest-paid backup this season is Jacoby Brissett, who’s getting $8 million from the Commanders.

Of course, Newton can ask for any deal he wants and obviously still thinks highly of his skills. But those demands probably end most potential discussions before they even begin.

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