University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders recently explained why Jesus is the greatest role model kids should want to emulate.


During a speaking engagement with the “7 Figure Squad,” the interviewer asked Sanders, “If there are athletes right now, in whatever sport, and you like their example on the field and also off the field, who would you tell them to watch.”


Without hesitation, Sanders answered, “Jesus.”


“Oftentimes, you got to understand those things that you see, those things that you clap for, those things that you cheer for, those things that you idolize, they’re not role models, they’re models playing a role,” he explained.


“You don’t know who they are. You just saw them doing what they’re gifted and blessed to do for two hours of the day,” the coach continued.


“Could you imagine if the world got an opportunity to see you at your best for two hours a day. How your profile would just be enhanced,” Sanders added. “Everything would be wonderful, and everything would be so different because we’re showing you for two hours doing what you’re gifted to do.”


“We got to be careful who we’re calling role models,” he concluded.


Sanders takes his position as a role model seriously, vocally proclaiming his faith on social media.


In a recent Instagram post, Sanders wrote, “The Bible says whatsoever things are honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, thing on these things. This is one of the reasons I stay positive! The way you think has everything to do with how you live and what you expect.” 



The coach recognizes that he wasn’t always a good example.


In an interview with “Faith on the Field,” Sanders described the moment he gave his life to God.


“I had a time in my life where I was suicidal, so I understand having all the things and the trappings of life, but not having peace, I understand it intimately. Truly, that was a problem. It was a dysfunction,” Sanders began.


“It was something that I had to fix and I couldn’t fix it,” he explained. “I tried to pay it off, it wouldn’t go away. I tried to sex it up, it wouldn’t go away. I never use drugs or alcohol so I couldn’t medicate the pain. But I tried to do various things to see if it would go away. (I would) wake up and I still feel the same.”


“Nothing helped me and delivered me and got me to the next day except for Jesus. I mean that was it when I said I surrendered. I gave my life to the Lord,” he said.




Colorado Buffaloes head football coach Deion Sanders stunned the college football world when his team beat former National Championship Runner-Up TCU 45-42.


“First and foremost, Lord, I thank you for giving me strength and energy,” Sanders said in an interview following the game.


“This is a blessing. Everybody—Buff Nation—who supported us and all the hood that had my back. I thank y’all. God, this is good,” he added. 


After he thanked God, Sanders addressed reporters who had doubted his methods.


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