The Miami Dolphins needed a miracle in the second half behind the Bills’ rushing offense

The Miami Dolphins needed a miracle in the second half behind the Bills’ rushing offense

“The Greatest Show of Surfing” is being crushed by a Buffalo Bills defense that is shutting down Miami’s high-powered offense.

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

At Orchard Park, the Miami Dolphins hit the wall of what other NFL fans wanted to see. The Dolphins had two touchdowns, three punts, a fumble and what should have been a missed sixth interception.

Nothing good for the Dolphins. The Bills scored on all but one possession and led 31-14. This was the largest lead any team has had against the Dolphins in 2023, and although Miami got the ball back for a play in the second half, the bigger problem was their inability to stop the Bills.

Kader Kohou played 1-1 against Stefon Diggs and allowed two touchdowns and was flagged twice. When he was on Gabe Davis, he also gave up a TD to him.

Miami did sack Josh Allen once but didn’t put much pressure on him. He has time to throw and find open receivers.

The Bills held off a Dolphins rushing attack that put up more than 300 yards last week. Today they had a whopping 20 meters.

Miami and Buffalo traded touchdowns at 14-14, but from that 2nd Miami TD, it was all Buffalo.

Tua Tagovailoa was sacked once but was pressured and brought down throughout the game. Even worse, Terron Armstead likely won’t play in the second half after suffering a knee injury late in the second half.

Nothing the Dolphins put on the field seemed to work. The Bills were flying down the field and controlling the line of scrimmage. They protect the collar well and stop the run without any problems. So far, Mike McDaniel and Vic Fangio still don’t have an answer to what the Bills are throwing at them on either side of the ball. Is there another Miami Miracle popping up today? At this point, it would be shocking if the Dolphins could suddenly turn things around. The Bills are in complete control and at this rate they could score 70 points alone.

For all the talk about Miami’s unstoppable offense before this game, the Bills essentially said, “Our defense is better.” » The Bills defense has been better so far.

Sure, Miami can fight back, but the defense has to do something. Until now, they were almost non-existent.

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