Skip Bayless: Deion Sanders interview in Boulder was ‘most special show I’ve ever been a part of’

Skip Bayless:
Deion Sanders interview in Boulder was ‘most special show I’ve ever been a part of’

Skip Bayless was left “speechless” and “more honored than I’ve ever been in my career” after Undisputed hosted Deion Sanders on-set last Friday, calling it the “most special show I’ve ever been a part of.”

Detailing the story of the interview on The Skip Bayless Show podcast, Bayless explained that getting to see how Sanders and Michael Irvin exposed their love for one another, discussing Sanders’ religion with him, and getting complimented by Sanders for giving opportunities to ex-athletes made it a day he will never forget.

“It was an honor just to sit in the middle of what transpired in that show last Friday in Boulder, Colorado,” Bayless explained.

Sanders and Irvin went viral for embracing one another and discussing their shared history going back nearly three decades.

“Real tears were cried by Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders,” Bayless said, “as they shared their deepest feelings for each other. Those two have been through it together…to hell and back.”

After that, Bayless asked Sanders about how his religion impacts his approach to leadership and coaching, which Bayless said was important to him as one of the few sports media members who is public about being a “God guy.”

Then, Sanders paid Bayless a high compliment. Sanders thanked Bayless for the way he gave former athletes a second chance to participate in the media.

“It was the proudest moment of my career,” Bayless said. “Nothing has mattered to me in my career… even though this moment is still important to me, it will always be important to me.”

He added: “For the first time, my head and heart are no longer just talking about sports.

Bayless recently hired Irvin, Richard Sherman and Keyshawn Johnson as regular panelists after debating with Shannon Sharpe for nearly a decade.

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