Kirk Cousins Wore a ‘Disguise’ to Be Just Another Fan at a Twins Playoff Game

Kirk Cousins Wore a ‘Disguise’ to Be Just Another Fan at a Twins Playoff Game

Kirk Cousins is one of the most famous people in Minnesota. He can probably get anything he wants, anywhere in the state. But, by NFL quarterback standards, he seems like a pretty normal guy. He wears lame clothes and loves to fire up the grill on his days off (even if what he cooks doesn’t always look appetizing).

So when Cousins felt like catching some playoff baseball on Tuesday afternoon, he didn’t have his assistant contact the Twins to put him in a luxury suite, he just went online and bought the tickets from a reseller, just like any other fan would do, he told reporters Wednesday. The Vikings quarterback posted a photo on his Instagram story of himself and his family enjoying a day at the ballpark.

Cousins did his best to look like any other fan, too, with mixed results.

“It was great. I kept sunglasses on, and a hat, tried to blend in,” Cousins told reporters. “Each inning I could tell word was getting around the section, but it was great. A lot of Vikings fans, a lot of Twins fans, obviously.”

Cousins said he was initially unsure whether he wanted to “drive in the city and put on a disguise” to attend the game but ultimately decided it would be worth the trouble. It certainly was. The Twins beat the Blue Jays, 3–1, to snap their excruciating 18-game, 19-year postseason losing streak, meaning Cousins’s Vikings no longer lay claim to Minnesota’s most recent men’s professional postseason victory.

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