Can Deion Sanders mania last? Inside his response to back-to-back losses


Can Deion Sanders mania last? Inside his response to back-to-back losses

By Christopher Kamrani, Marcus Thompson II and David Ubben

BOULDER, Colo. — Obviously exhausted, technically beaten, but never crestfallen, Deion Sanders sits in a black leather folding chair with his left leg plunged into a navy blue tote filled with ice water up to his calf.

“Woo, Lord Jesus!” he says.

His son Deion Jr., the primary social media documentarian of the most spellbinding story in sports, asks him if his foot — which has caused the Pro Football Hall of Famer an array of health issues in the past two years — including two amputated toes — hurts.

“It’s cold, dog,” Sanders says, smiling back, resting his face into his right hand.

“Well,” Deion Jr. responds, “that’s better than hurt.”

In an unspecified room within the Colorado Champions Center, Deion Sanders finally gets a breather. The cameras — albeit for the one always on — are finally off. The shades are off, too. The celebrities who lined the sidelines Saturday for the Buffaloes’ 48-41 loss to No. 8 USC are all homeward bound on their private jets, leaving a cloudless Saturday afternoon in Boulder.

The break in the black folding chair lasts mere seconds before Sanders lifts his head and beams. His daughters, Deiondra, 31, and Shelomi, who followed her dad to Colorado and is a guard on the women’s basketball team, make Sanders briefly forget about the frigid water and the frantic loss. There is no sign of pain on his face, just appreciation. The

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