Toto Wolff feels the need to ‘defend’ Lewis Hamilton due to people starting to ‘insult’ the Mercedes F1 driver

Toto Wolff feels the need to ‘defend’ Lewis Hamilton due to people starting to ‘insult’ the Mercedes F1 driver
Toto Wolff reveals that he feels the need to defend Lewis Hamilton due to the insulting attitude people people started applying towards him.
Lewis Hamilton is arguably one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history, but like any other driver, he has come under fire in recent times. The racer is pursuing his 8th world championship title since the 2021 season, although he is close but still very far away.
With the uncompetitive machines Mercedes creates in 2022, the dream seems even more distant. The last time Hamilton won a Formula 1 Grand Prix was in the first Saudi GP in 2021, and since then his best finish is P2, produced several times.
Although the reason for this may be due to the quality of the car he has driven over the past two seasons, many spectators have begun to criticize Lewis Hamilton, who as director of Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, is offensive. .
So, as he mentioned, he felt the need to “protect” his pilot, adding that Hamilton was truly the best pilot ever.
“I have to defend him, because people have started insulting him, it’s not true. It’s completely absurd, he is the best pilot of all time. I pinch myself every day for working with the best of all time,” Toto told Wolff.
Lewis Hamilton reveals he never received an offer from Ferrari
It was with Mercedes that the British driver won six world championships and broke many F1 records set in the past by great drivers like Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna.
The team’s period of net dominance lasted for a surprisingly long period of time, and it was clear that going from winning by a wide margin to competing in the middle of the pack wasn’t a great feeling. Great for Lewis Hamilton.
There were then rumors that Hamilton was likely to join Ferrari, and his late contract extension sparked speculation; however, this ultimately did not happen.
Anyway, he was asked if he had received an offer from the Maranello team; as quotes, he never did. Additionally, he added that he was never ready to move to Italy.
“Never. Okay, I’m sure we had a little talk. I knew a lot of good people there, but I never felt ready to move to Italy,” Hamilton said.

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