Raiders’ Lombardi wants different players involved

Raiders’ Lombardi wants different players involved
Through four games, the Raiders have yet to use all of their offensive weapons. Offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi is looking to change that.
Outside of receivers Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers, the Las Vegas Raiders have been unable to consistently get the ball to the various players they have on offense.
This could be due to many reasons, such as the game plan and execution of the opposing defense, receivers not getting open, or it could even be due to the play the Raiders are calling.
It appears the problem lies with the calls themselves, as the Raiders receivers clearly have no trouble getting open.
That leaves coach Josh McDaniels and offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi having to find ways to get the ball to players other than Adams and Meyers.
“Obviously every week [rookie Michael Mayer] is going to play a big role in the run game, just because of the nature of his position,” Lombardi said.
“But we need to get him more involved in the passing game and we want him more involved in the passing game. That’s true for any talented player, but for him He’s on the field a lot so we definitely need to do that moving forward.”
Lombardi shared that his goal is to help Mayer hold the ball more often in the future.
“We’re going to try to do it every week because I think he deserves a chance to catch the ball,” Lombardi said. “He’s been productive in camp, productive in the preseason for us. And it’s our job to try to get him the ball and see what he can do with the ball in hand.”
Like Mayer, rookie Tre Tucker is certainly an offensive threat that defenses need to be concerned about.
“Bamboo was ready to go on Sunday,” Lombardi said. “[Davante] Tae [Adams] got hurt, which left Jakobi [Meyers], Hunter [Renfrow], Tre and DeAndre [Carter] in the three-receiver group, which was almost a four-man three. So I came out on the field quickly and know what to do. I’m proud of him, man.”
The Raiders have made a lot of additions on offense and the first four weeks of the season are the first significant game action they’ve all seen together.
” I think now we “It’s a From next month into the season, you kind of understand who you are and who these guys are,” Lombardi said. “And we’ve had them for eight weeks, including camp, so we’re definitely going to have some fun over the next few weeks like:
‘Okay, here’s what they can do well, here is what we need to get them involved.'”
The Raiders have the third-highest paid wide receiver corps and use second-round draft picks at a tight end and picks at fourth round for another receiver, Tucker.

A team that has spent too many resources on the offensive side of the ball needs to find a way to utilize these players, otherwise it will cost a lot of money nothing.

The Silver and Black will be home at ‘Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas next week to take on the Green Bay Packers on Monday, October 1st. 9, à 20h
15h EDT/5 :
15 h PDT.

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