Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis forced to defend head coach after stadium row with fans

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis forced to defend head coach after stadium row with fans

The pressure is building on Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels as supporters in the Allegiant Stadium let owner Mark Davis know exactly how they feel about the team’s recent slide in fortunes

Frustrated Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis did not hold back as he fielded criticism of the team’s head coach Josh McDaniels(TikTok)

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis fielded the dissenting voices of fans as he defended head coach Josh McDaniels amid criticism following the team’s Week 4 loss.

A defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers left McDaniels at 7-14 after taking over the reins and it appears that some fans are slowly losing faith. In a clip that went viral on social media, one supporter is even seen expressing his disapproval directly at Davis in the stands.

The 68-year-old was told to “fire him” – in reference to the under-fire coach – by disgruntled fans at Allegiant Stadium during their latest loss. Visibly angered, the billionaire businessman did not hold back as he fired back a barbed response to his critics, appearing to tell the detractors to “smarten up.”

In another clip, which was posted by a separate TikTok user, one frustrated fan tells Davis to “get rid” of McDaniels. However, unlike in the other piece of footage, the Raiders’ managing general partner was not shown to react to these comments in that instance.

Following their 17-16 win over the Denver Broncos on opening day, the Raiders have fell to three consecutive losses. With this latest loss to the Chargers simply adding to the low morale in the camp, even running back Josh Jacobs did not hold back when outlining his frustrations.

Speaking to the media as their hopes of reaching the playoffs got even slimmer, an exasperated Jacobs spoke honestly of his sorrow at recent results. He admitted: “I’m tired of losing, just keep it 100, I’m tired of f****** losing. I feel like every day I go in there and I work my a** off.”

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