How Damar Hamlin was received by friends and rival after suffering cardiac arrest

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest in January due to a condition known as commotio cordis.





Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin found immense support from teammates and opponents during his comeback on Sunday.


The NFL placed the microphone on Hamlin during the Week 4 game against the Miami Dolphins and captured the sincere displays of support received by the player. Bills won the game 48-20.



Safety Micah Hyde, one of the first to embrace Hamlin, offered unwavering support, saying, “You lead the way, I’m right behind you. I’m very proud of you,” just minutes before the match.


A member of the refereeing staff approached Hamlin, expressing, “It’s good to have you back, boy.”


Throughout the game, Hamlin briefly reflected on the challenging months following the cardiac arrest he experienced in January.


In October 1 game, Hamlin played on special teams, participating in almost all punts and kickoffs.





A poignant moment occurred when trainer Denny Kellington approached Hamlin, saying, “Have fun today.”


Kellington was in charge of giving CPR to Hamlin on January 2, when the player suffered cardiac arrest during the Week 17 game of the 2022 season against the Cincinnati Bengals.


The University of Pittsburgh graduate responded simply, “I love you, Denny.” On several occasions, the player has described Kellington as “the savior of my life.”




Tagovailoa joins the congratulations

The microphone also captured Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa congratulating Hamlin on his return at the end of the game.



After asking how he was feeling, the quarterback asked him: “You guys keep going, man. We’ll see you guys again. Best of luck, stay healthy.”


Bills will play their next two games away from home, on October 8 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and on the 15th against the New York Giants, for Weeks 5 and 6.

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