Deion Sanders’ Success at Colorado More Than Just Wins

Deion Sanders’ Success at Colorado More Than Just Wins

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The Colorado Buffaloes will have a tough remaining schedule this season. No matter what happens, Deion Sanders has already demonstrated success at Colorado. They could lose the remainder of the season, and he is already benefitting the program. Of course, they will be hoping to not lose out, but here is a look at how Coach Prime’s first season at Colorado is already a success.

Media Attention

It is safe to say that the Colorado Buffaloes have gotten a ton of media attention this season. Whether you’re a fan of the team or not, the conversation has been understandable. Even before the 2023 college football season began, the program was heavily discussed. The way Sanders took over, he essentially cleaned house and brought in new players. There was some controversy, but in winning three games this season, it worked.

As weird as it sounds, winning three games is an accomplishment for the program. Of course, it has to continue to grow, but it is a step in the right direction. The 2022 Buffaloes won just one game, to win three, even if they weren’t against conference opponents was crucial. They were the center of the media, even getting college game day to film there. With the hype around this team, and through connections with Sanders, numerous celebrities have been attending games. This attention is completely putting the Buffaloes on the map for future recruits.


Another important thing that Sanders has done for Colorado is bring in money. He has not just brought in a solid income, he has made a big difference compared to before he joined the Buffaloes. Building up a football program is a process, and part of that process is earning revenue. Coach Prime’s contract is worth $29.5 million, which includes $5.5 million for this season. This contract is for five years. Clearly, that was a lot to give a coach from a school that, at the time, was not making a lot of money through their football program.

The investment for Sanders in a short span is already worth it. Just in four weeks, Colorado has earned an estimated $280 million. Considering this is just for the month of September, this number will continue to grow.

A big part of this revenue has been through ticket sales. Before, not many wanted to watch a team that could only win one game. Every school has a loyal fanbase who can attend games, but ticket sales have gone way up since Coach Prime began. Sanders brought his name, and a culture to the team. That alone was enough to get fans into the stadium. In addition to the ticket sales, of course, the media attention is also helping build up the revenue.

At the surface level, this revenue will help get the program better equipment and other elements like that which will help the team. Aside from the physical things that money brings in, it will help recruitment. Sanders himself already helps with recruiting, but the money that will be used to help the program will bring in even better players as well. The money brought in, if used properly, is what affects the long-term benefits of the program.

What if Deion Sanders Moves On?

Despite coaching with Colorado for less than one season, Sanders has already been asked if he would coach in the NFL. Many feel that he would be a great coach in the league, and many teams would find success with him. The good news for Colorado fans is that Sanders stated that he has no desire to coach in the NFL. He wants to inspire and motivate young athletes, something he feels he cannot do in the league. For now, he will be sticking with the Buffaloes, especially with his current contract.

It’s difficult to predict how many more wins the Buffaloes will achieve in the remainder of the year. The Pac-12 is doing well this season, and this program is still in year one under this regime. Come next year, between the reallignments, and year two of Coach Prime, the conversations will most likely shift. By next season, being able to win enough to compete in a bowl game will be something to watch for. The important thing is that the success Sanders has already had will help the Colorado Buffaloes football program continue to grow.

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