F1 expert says Max Verstappen is more famous in the Netherlands than Lewis Hamilton in England

F1 expert says Max Verstappen is more famous in the Netherlands than Lewis Hamilton in England

F1 expert Mark Gallagher recently said that Max Verstappen in the Netherlands is more famous than Lewis Hamilton in England. The comparisons between the two giants of the sport continue as they both fight valiantly for the title in the 2021 F1 season.

Gallagher talks about how Verstappen became a superstar in the Netherlands. He then mentioned that some stores in the country even have cutouts for Dutch drivers at the entrance and exit.

“He [Max] is obviously a complete superstar in his home country of the Netherlands. It’s impossible to walk into almost any store and not find someone using a Max Verstappen sales display, whether it’s Red Bull, whether it’s Jumbo Supermarkets or any other brand in the Netherlands by somehow exploited him through partnerships and so on. “, he said on the PGP Racing podcast.

Gallagher added that the Red Bull star could be even more famous than Lewis Hamilton in the UK. The F1 expert explained that while there are a number of other athletes and celebrities in the UK, Verstappen is one of the few to be so successful in their respective sports in the Netherlands.

“At home in the Netherlands, he’s quite the superstar there like Lewis Hamilton is in England, maybe even more so if I can say so and that’s just because Lewis has a lot of competition from so many other big sports stars here. in the UK, plus you have the Premier League here, while in the Netherlands it’s Max. So you walk into a gas station and you have a giant picture of Max Verstappen greeting you,” Gallagher added.

The former F1 CEO ranked Max Verstappen higher than Lewis Hamilton on his list

Former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone recently said that Max Verstappen is higher on his list of great drivers than seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Ecclestone praised the Dutchman for his steadfast focus on the sport and how he is solely focused on racing in Formula 1 and winning as much as possible.

“Max is the best racing driver of all time. There’s no doubt about it. I say Alain Prost. Now I would say Max. It is the biggest. He’s at his best when he gets the most out of the car. He’s not joking. It goes straight into the program. On my list, he ranks above Lewis Hamilton,” he told the Daily Mail.

It’s clear that Verstappen has shown great consistency as he looks to win his third world championship at the Qatar F1 GP 2023, provided everything goes perfectly for him.

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