Deion Sanders Aka Coach Prime’s New Deal Will Be $100 Million Plus

The new contract of Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, will be worth more than $100 million

I traveled to Boulder, Colorado to witness firsthand the power and influence of Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, in his role as head football coach of the Colorado Buffaloes (CU). Calling Sanders a coach is too limiting, as I learned during my visit. He is truly a force of nature with the ability to hypnotize everyone in his path.

He just lost two games in a row by a combined score of 90-47 and guess what? Colorado needs to break his deal and give him the largest package ever given to a coach in the history of college football — and there’s plenty of justification to do so. Here’s why. I previously wrote about the new power of college football coaches and how Sanders ushered in the era of the charismatic coach. But I greatly underestimated his influence, not just on college football but on the university, on the media, on business, on Boulder’s economy – and for culture.

When I arrived in Boulder, there was an electric current and energy throughout the city and among fans of the program whose epicenter was Folsom Field on the CU campus. This is what locals call the “main effect”. I watched Fox Sport’s Big Noon pregame show right on CU’s campus, broadcast live. People are going crazy. This is the third week in a row a network has chosen to broadcast live from the CU campus. The ratings for these shows and the games themselves were off the charts. More than 10 million people watched Oregon Shellac CU last week. When I arrived at the field before the game, I joined the crowd of celebrities who had come to Boulder to see the Coach Prime show. This is unprecedented at CU.

In addition, local tourism has reached unprecedented levels, reinvigorating back stores, sports bars and hotels – projecting a local economic impact of more than $100 million over the six matches above. home field, according to Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett. And for the first time in school history, Colorado sold tickets to every home game this season.

Many people thought the train would derail when CU lost its first game. After being crushed by Oregon 42-6, Coach Prime congratulated the Oregon team on their victory, noting that they were down 3-1 and she was not pleased. But then he warned the rest of the world:
“You better get us now because this is the worst thing we’re going to experience.” Coach Prime’s post-match review turned the situation around perfectly and almost made it look like a small bump in the road.

Then, after last weekend’s 48-41 loss to USC, Coach Prime didn’t miss a beat. After saying how proud he was of his team, he said, “If you can’t see what’s going on with CU football, you’re out of your mind… If you can’t see what’s going on with CU football, you’re out of your mind… What’s going to happen and what will happen? After the next few years. months, something goes wrong with you.

Despite these two losses, there is little evidence that the Prime effect is slowing. The enthusiasm of the CU faithful has not diminished one bit. I was at the CU store after USC’s loss and it reminded me of Black Friday, so many people lined up to buy it. Sales are up nearly 1,000% since last year, and September sales are up 2,544% compared to September last year.

I spoke with CU linebacker Erik Rebich. He was generous


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