The Chicago Bears haven’t won a playoff game since Lovie Smith. Their next head coach should be black

The Chicago Bears haven’t won a playoff game since Lovie Smith. Their next head coach should be black

They chose Matt Eberflus over Jim Caldwell and did not interview Eric Bieniemy. Now is the time for them to correct their mistakes

If you get rid of an established black head coach and don’t bring in the best offensive coordinator in the NFL – who is also black – that means the white person you hire better be Good. Well, Matt Eberflus is terrible, Eric Bieniemy is still one of the best players in the game, and Jim Caldwell is an assistant with the Panthers, all because the Chicago Bears decided to go with the white guy who helped them establish team record. 14 consecutive losses

The franchise told Chase Claypool to stay home because he told the truth about the severity of the situation, and the team, obsessed with keeping Nathan Peterman on the job, became the laughing stock of the NFL after passing 28-7 seconds- led by half before falling 31-28 to Denver on Sunday – a week after the Broncos lost 70-20 to the Miami Dolphins. The Bears are currently tied with the rebuilding Panthers as the league’s only winless team.

“You know when you’re 0-4, no one gets the job done well enough, right?” Eberflus said. ”That’s just the truth, right? It’s a business that delivers results and we need to work better collectively as a team.

Eberflus hasn’t won a game since the Bears beat the New England Patriots in Week 7 of last season, meaning Chicago is three weeks away from going a winless calendar year. This is what happens when you hire a coach with a 3-18 record. When the Bears were looking for a coach, they passed on Bieniemy because they were not one of the many teams he interviewed with for a head coaching position over the years. And while he doesn’t have all the weapons he had in Kansas City, his offense in Washington is better than the current offense in Chicago.

“Eric Bieniemy did everything he was supposed to do,” Louis Moore, a history professor at Grand Valley State University who specializes in African-American history and sports, told Time Magazine earlier this year. ” to get the head coaching job. “He came through the ranks and he won. If he were white, he would have a job. there is no doubt.

And even if the Bears don’t want to “take a gamble” on Bieniemy, it doesn’t mean Eberflus has head coaching experience on his resume. Well, that was until he showed Chicago how bad he could be when in power. Chicago chose Eberflus over Dan Quinn – a former head coach who lost in the Super Bowl and is now leading the Cowboys’ vaunted defense – and Caldwell – a former head coach who lost in the Super Bowl and is now Panthers senior assistant.

The record books will tell you that the Bears played better when they had a black head coach. And even though Lovie Smith is the only black head coach in franchise history, he remains the last head coach to win a playoff game – something the four white coaches after him did not can do. Last year, the Chicago Sun-Times surveyed fans and they found 68.6 percent agreed that the team made a mistake in firing Smith after the 2012 season.

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